Pumpkin Patch {2014}

 Last Friday Elena was out of school so I decided to take the day off and take the kids to the pumpkin patch with my mom! It was a blast! We started off in the corn bin. Funny how much all kids love this!
Making ''corn angels" - ha ha!
I looked over and Dom was doing this! I have no idea why so I had to snap a picture! Too funny!
My silly bus driver!
They insisted on heading to the giant slide next. This is the first year we didn't need ride with one of them! So crazy how fast they grow!
Then it was time for the jumping pillow! Thanks goodness they have a limit on how many kids can get on at a time!! The kids loved this!
Elena is always a pro at the zip line and I have a feeling Dominic might want to give it a try next year!
She's a fan of spinning!
After the zip line they wanted to go back to the jumping pillow - why not? I think Dom looks like he is doing the worm here! Don't you agree?
and we ran into Elena's friend Drake too! He was there on a fieldtrip with his class! Too fun!
There was a huge stack of hay bails that they kids wanted to try out! Made mama a little nervous though!
Then it was off to the corn maze!
Next up was a new activity - a hamster wheel race! Dom was a little too small to do this on his own so we took on Elena together!
I thought for sure he would think it was fun but he felt otherwise...
Elena had a blast though!
Finally Dom just got out so I could roll the wheel back to the start! Maybe next year buddy!
This train was more up his alley! :)
 They got to be the caboose!
Finally we headed out to the patch! Have to see how tall they are this fall!! :)
Not sure if he thinks this makes you look taller or what! Ha ha.
So many pumpkins!
Tried to get a pic of them sitting by a pumpkin... that went well!
 I think that might be a little too big...
Real life pumpkin pics...
This managed to stop them in their tracks though - Dom kept saying "EWWW!"
Just had to get a picture in this one after we got back from the patch! :)
and here too!
One final stop at the ducks - Dom could've stayed here the rest of the day! He loves ducks!
Thanks for coming with us Grandma! We had a great day!!!
It just amazes me how fast these kids grow - click here to see last years pictures from the pumpkin patch!

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