Winefest {2015}

For our anniversary this year (8 years!!!) we decided to go to a fun event called Winefest with our good friends Nate and Mary. You get to walk around and sample delicious wines, yummy restaurant samples and even chocolate and champagne! My kind of night!
 We had so much fun!
Cheers to 8 years!
 Love ya babe and looking forward to many many more years of fun together!



Finally on April 10th, Elena's tooth that was just barely hanging on decided to come out! All it took was some chewy candy sent with her at lunch. (Why didn't I think of that sooner!) ;) She was so excited to come home with her tooth necklace that you get when you lose a tooth at school! Yay!
 My goodness - what a difference a tooth makes! Her smile looks so different now! I made her take a couple more pics to document it. :)
Now that I am getting used to this toothless smile - she is going to look so different when her grown up teeth come in!


Spring fun!

Since I am so far behind on blogging! (Seriously - would time just slow down?!?!) Here are some fun and silly random pictures from my phone camera this spring -
This guy knows how to relax!
Silly sister!
Elena picked out a bike license plate -- :)
A picnic at the park is one of their favorite things to do!
We had a fun time cheering on the shockers this year!
Dom loves Grandpa.
Love her.
Movie date night - so adorable!
Cookie Decorating!
 Slides are fun!
 Backyard pedicures!
 Boys can paint there nails too!
 Silly superheroes!
 Hanging outside.
 Big muscles!
 and our favorite evening activity - s'mores!


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