Wet and Wild!

Elena has been hanging out in the water a lot lately so I thought I would share some fun pictures that show just how much she is loving summer already!!
It really didn't take very long to go from this...

to this! :) Love her!!

We also got her a new pool for our backyard~

and of course she managed to get into it in her clothes already!!
And how cool is this new sink that my parents got for her?
She immediately climbed in it!

It is going to be a fun summer!!


Twenty Months!!

Yes - I can't believe it either!! Where did all of those 'teen' months go?! Elena is just growing so fast we can hardly keep up! Some new things that she has been up to are:
  • She is starting to sing songs more and really loves repeating music she hears - Itsy Bitsy Spider is definitely her favorite!

  • Suddenly she loves trucks - pushing them around, loading and unloading, playing in the dirt with them!

  • Really seems to understand opposites - up/down, in/out, off/on, etc...

  • Is starting to pretend play more - acting like she is cooking and shopping and talking to someone on the phone. It is really fun, we ask her what she is doing and she will say cooking and then we ask her what and she will then say chicken or she will tell us that she is shopping and then tell us at Wal-Mart!

  • Starting to put more than one word together to make longer sentences, like "drink of water" or "love you daddy".

  • Has an amazing understanding of shapes - can point them all out and her favorite is now octagon!

  • Still obsessed with any kind of water - if there is water around she will find it!

  • Has huge feet! She is in a size 6 now and will soon be in a 7! Yet she can still fit into some 6-9 month skirts and shorts! Go figure.



So I am sure many of you might be wondering what is up with my lack of blogging lately...or at least I hope so! :) I have had some computer problems so I haven't been able to get on-line, but now I am back and have lots of catching up to do with all of the fun things we have been up to these past couple weeks. I will start with a little trip we took to All Star Sports the other week. Robert and I have always liked going there and playing all the games so now that we have Elena we have a perfect excuse to go whenever we want! We just had to start with good ol' Skee Ball!

Then on to some fun car rides~

A quick air hockey lesson and then more games~

Mommy and Daddy aren't competitive at all! ;)

She got really excited each time the tickets came out - and then even more excited when she realized she got to pick prizes out at the end!
We ended the day with a fun carousel ride (or two!) ~



This weekend we had some very fun times celebrating Lindsay's birthday! Lindsay, Kylie, Sarah, Michelle and I started off the fun with a cooking class. Kylie, Sarah and Linds getting ready to learn some fabulous recipes!
We learned how to make-Chicken Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce, Garlic Roasted Tomatoes, Greek Couscous Salad, Prosciutto Asparagus, and Key Lime Pie! It was so delicious! Wrapping the asparagus~

Michelle helping with the whisking. She really likes to whisk! :)

A picture of the yummy couscous salad~

We also learned a great Sangria recipe - gotta love that! Here is the final product~
Cheers and yum!

This cooking class was so fun - the teacher, Adriene has more classes coming up this summer and I think I will definitely be attending a couple! Her website is http://www.findyourwingsocial.com/
if you want to check it out!
After our bellies were full of yummy food and sangria we headed out for a night on the town. All the beautiful ladies getting ready to head out -
The birthday princess and I!

Lindsay's brother Jordan even came out to celebrate - what a sweet bro!

Fun times!

We all had a blast and Linds was feeling pretty good by the time the night wound down ~ lol!

To top off a great celebration, someone walking down the street handed her some pretty flowers the next day!

Happy Birthday my good friend Lindsay - it was a blast and I can't wait until next year's celebration!


Flashback Friday - LKC.

In honor of the month of Lindsay (as she likes to call her birthday month!), I thought I would do a little flashback about one of my closest friends. Lindsay and I have been friends since the 6th grade - that is 17 years!! We were very close in high school and then we went to different colleges and didn't get to see each other as often. After college we ended up back in the same town and have grown even closer! I talk to Lindsay about everything and am so glad that she is such a big part of my life! I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures of us together~

I am looking forward to a fun time celebrating her birthday this weekend! Happy Birthday Linds! Love ya!


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