Play date - My Gym.

Today we had a play date at My Gym with our friends from StrollerFit that we work out with! This place is so cool for little kiddos! Elena had a hay day with all the stuff there was to do! We started out on the trampoline - not sure if she liked it or the fact there was a mirror right in front of her!
Then we moved on to this giant octagon.
Sabrina and I had a great idea for Lunden and Elena, too bad this only held them for about 2 seconds!
Playing with Skylyn and Kate.
On to the ball pit! Elena's fave once again!
Sinking in the balls!
Even more stuff to explore!

There were too many big kids in the ball pit so we made a mini one for the little ones. Look how hard she is focusing here - she even has her tongue out!

Though she doesn't look to thrilled here - she loved jumping on this with me!
Starting to wind down. (Finally!) I was tired just from chasing her around!
But we can't leave without one more trip to the ball pit!!
Ummm....are you just going to leave me here?
What a fun day for Elena!

Flashback Friday - Rizzo and MoDee.

Or Rowe and Mols or any other nicknames we used to have! :) Sarah and I have been friends for a long time. We immediately became close our freshman year of college and lived together for 5 years after that! Let me tell you that is a true test of friendship! She is like a sister to me and I have been thinking about her and spending a lot of time with her this past week so I thought I would share some oldies but goodies of us.
Ahhh....freshman year.

Sophomore year - 1st time we lived together. I remember we went and got Panera potato soup and brought it back for our 1st meal there! We also had to "borrow" some spoons from Panera since we had no silverware!!!!

Junior year -- gotta love Jenga, and if you knew us back then you would understand we weren't posing in this picture - it was our dance we always did to the song "Ballin' Out of Control"!

and of course Senior year...this was at Disney World!
and graduation...
and our trip with some other good friends to Vegas!!

Sarah is and will always be one of my best friends!

Love you Rowe!


Splish Splash.

Elena went crazy in her bath last night and it was just too cute to not post some pictures!


Big Girl Seats.

What a big girl we have! Elena has her own lawn chair...

and we have also upgraded her to a big girl carseat! Pretty safe to assume she likes it! This is before we even got it in the car! :)

Hey - I can see out the window!
I can get used to this mom!


Steph's Baby Shower.

Yesterday was my good friend Stephanie's baby shower. She and her 3 sisters, including one of my best friends Lynette, are really my "unbiological" sisters. They have pretty much been my 2nd family since high school! Steph is having a sweet baby girl due on Sept 6. Here is the mommy to be - she looks so great!!

Practicing with Elena. :)

Steph and I.

A very adorable diaper cake!

I thought this was a cute idea for decorations.

Elena's cute little yellow outfit.
Elena playing with Stephanie and her mom Juanita.

Me, Rachel, Stephanie, Lynette and Lindsay.
Later that evening we went to Granite City for dinner with everyone.

Elena is ready to eat! -- I think Linds is too! :)

My "sisters" and I! -- I look like a giant!
All the girlies! Linds, Steph, Laura, Nettie, Rachie, Me and Wayna.
They all live in KC so we don't get to see each other that often. It was so great to see them! I miss them already!


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