Flashback Friday - Jets Softball.

In honor of our Alumni game this weekend, I thought I would share some pictures from our Newman softball team back in college. This picture is all of the '04 seniors~

Rowe, Bails and I ~

We really had fun on and off the field together! Some of my closest friends were met playing softball at Newman.

One last picture of our senior class, 7 out of the 8 of us were there for all 4 years together - we were very close and played so well as a team together because of it. I loved my time playing college softball and miss it so much! This picture totally captures us - all laughing and having a good time (yep, that is Rowe laughing so hard her head is going backwards!)

I am looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend! Go Jets!!


3 years and counting!

Today Robert and I have been married for 3 years! I can't believe how fast these past few years have gone by - but I guess that is a good thing because time flies when you are having fun, right? :) I am more in love with him every day and am very excited for what the upcoming years will bring us!
Happy Anniversary Babe ~ I love you!



I'm telling you guys, my man is on a mission! This time he decided we needed to update our deck and add an additional level. I must say this really didn't take too long and has created so much more usable space - it is great!! So here you go - before~
Replacing the top deck~

And now for the step down and new addition in this area~

Finished! Pretty nice huh?
One more before and after~

Even more space for outdoor entertaining this spring and summer - yay!


Flashback Friday - Rehearsal Dinner.

Since Robert and I are coming up on our 3 year anniversary next week, I thought I would reminisce about one of my favorite parts of the weekend when we got married~our rehearsal dinner. We invited all our close friends and family over to celebrate with us at our home and had a giant bar-b-que! It was so much fun - and the food was oh so delicious thanks to Robert, his mom and all of his sisters!

We were so thankful that most of our families could be there - as well as some of our really great friends!

I really can't believe that these pictures are from 3 years ago - it seems like yesterday!!



Tonight we went over to our friends house from some carnitas (roasted pork - so yummy!) and playtime for Elena. You see they have 4 kids so we knew Elena would love playing with them. Here is Elena enjoying the trampoline with Abby, Henry and Little Molly. She was in heaven!
Molly and Marie swinging ~

Elena and Henry swinging. He was so cute with her - he followed her around and showed her all the toys~so sweet!!

Time for the carnitas!
How cute are these two? Molly is about 4 months older than Elena and they got along great. Guess we will have to make more playdates for these two - and Henry of course!
Abby, who is the oldest of the 4, did great with Elena also ~ she is such a little helper! Elena was already asking for her on the way home!
Elena was so tired after trying to keep up with all these kiddos! She totally crashed tonight and I have a feeling she is going to sleep in too!

Happy Birthday T!

Yesterday was my very great friend Marie's birthday, and for those of you who don't know Mort's has 1/2 price martinis on Mondays, so we took her there to celebrate! We had a blast! :)
Me, the birthday girl, Rowe and Linds enjoying our martini's~
Marie's very good friends, AnnMarie and Jason~

and Jason's parents, Steve and Mary, visiting from San Diego!

Marie, Robert and I~

As you can tell we hung out there for quite a while!

Cheers and Happy Birthday my fren! Love you!



Our good friends Andy and Stacy had a little boy, Xavier, about 2 weeks ago. Robert and I visited him at the hospital the day he was born and he was just so cute!
We finally got a chance to go visit with Elena this weekend. He has changed so much in just 2 weeks! He is such a good baby, so relaxed and calm, even with Elena running all around him! I always forget how small babies are at first~ I think I said this last time one of my friends had a baby but I really can't remember Elena being this small!
She thought he was pretty lovable and wanted to give him several kisses! :) Such a sweet little girl!
Welcome Xavier and congrats Andy and Stacy!


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