Happy 10th Birthday Dad!

My Dad turned 10? I thought that would catch your eye. ;) I put that title because yesterday (my Dad's 65th birthday) Elena told us that all adults are 10, so we were celebrating Grandpa's 10th birthday! :) Too funny. (Why didn't she think of that when I turned 30 last year??) He asked for 2 things this year, dinner at Sumo and a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. So that is exactly what he got! We went to dinner last weekend with lots of friends to celebrate!

  Robert and Scott literally took 20 min trying to figure out the origami instructions on the kids menu -- it didn't happen!
Yum - I love Sumo's!
We even sang Happy Birthday and my Dad had to blow out the cooks lighter! Funny.
Then we got to work on his 2nd request the day before his 'official' birthday - the cake! I had quite the little helper with this!
She even added the sprinkles and decided what the cake should say. :)
 My parents came over for dinner that night and then he opened a couple presents.
Birthday cake Oreo's (totally Elena's idea!) - man you have got to try these if you haven't yet. They are sooo good -- an Oreo but with cake frosting in the middle!  
She also made him a card. He loved it. I had to take a couple pictures because it was so cute and she did it all by herself!  
Cake time!
 Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa!! We love you!!  
The evening started out nice and then a crazy storm kicked up - so we got to end the evening with a lightning show!  
On a side note this is also the anniversary of the day I started my blog -- 3 years ago!! I absolutely love being able to look back on all these great memories! So happy blogiversary to me!! :)


Tulips and Fairies Festival.

Last weekend my Mom and I took Elena to Botanica for a Tulips and Fairies Festival! It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast running around the beautiful gardens.  
There was a scavenger hunt, fairy wand making and even painting! This little lady was in heaven! :)
We also took plenty of time to check out the amazing children's garden.
I can't image a better way to spend a gorgeous spring afternoon!



If you are from the Wichita area then you should have heard by now that Chick-fil-A has opened up a location out east! I remember going to the mall and eating it when I was young so I was really excited to have one back!! (Apparently 1/2 of the city feels that way too, because there was an unbelievable line when we went!) Good thing they have a toddler play area! ;)
E was also making silly faces while we waited on our order~
 For as packed as the place was we had no trouble getting a seat and the food was ready very quickly! We were in and out of there - including some playtime - within about 45 min! Impressive! It was so yummy, just as I expected! Elena keeps asking for it pretty much everyday for lunch now! :)
Later that evening we dropped Elena off at my parents for a sleepover while Robert and I had a much needed date night! I think we calculated that the last date we had been on was probably 4 months ago!! We went to a movie - The Hunger Games - which was fantastic! I read the books last summer and literally could not put them down. I finished all three books within about a week! If you haven't read them yet I would highly recommend it! The movie did not disappoint either - Robert even liked it! I would definitely read the book before you see the movie though! 


St. Paddy's Day.

Things were pretty laid back this St. Patrick's Day, it's just not as exciting when you can't drink green beer! ;) But I made up for it by making green cinnamon rolls and green milk for breakfast!
Elena thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Green icing/milk mustache. :)
It was just a relaxing Saturday for us with a few errands. I had big plans to do rainbow cupcakes and shamrock activites but they just didn't happen this year. Oh well, I've got them all pinned on Pinterest so I can just look them back up next year!! ;) We decided to have dinner at Old Chicago while we were out and about. Elena was excited to show off her shamrock shirt and even got a fun necklace while we were there!
Apparently the day wasn't quite so laid back for Elena...she fell asleep on the way home (about 7:00pm) and stayed asleep until 10 the next morning! 15 hours of sleep!!! Can't remeber the last time she has slept that long!
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


20 weeks!

Believe it or not, I have reached the 1/2 way point in this pregnancy! Woo - hoo. Too bad the next 20 weeks will probably be hot, hot, hot! :) I've been taking pictures with Elena every 4 weeks to document the bump...I just wish I would have picked a room with better lighting, or even outside, to take these pictures but now I really want them all in the same place so I guess they will just be a little grainy. Here is my 20 week picture:
 I'm not sure what happened this past week but I feel like my belly doubled in size suddenly!! I have also started to finally feel him move! :) I'm getting really excited about buying baby clothes (just ask my friends and family - they think I'm crazy!) and looking at ideas for decorating the nursery. I'm leaning towards a orange, aqua, brown theme right now! Here are the rest of the pics so far...hoping for a cute little collage for the little guy's room by the end.
Another 20 week milestone happened for Miss Elena this week too! She hit 20 weeks of dance classes and got a perfect attendance trophy! It was the cutest thing ever. She was so excited and said,"Look Mom, I got a trophy! I'm going to get a whole bunch of these, maybe 10!" :)


Baby Jack!

My best friend Sarah welcomed her sweet baby boy Jack into this world last Sunday (just one day before Sarah's birthday - what a present!!) After a bit of a scary delivery Mommy and baby are doing just fine! What a cutie he is!!
I'm so happy for Sarah and Scott - Jack is going to have an amazing family! :) Congratulations!


All Star.

The other night we headed over to All Star sports for a little game playing fun. Robert and I have always loved going here and playing games and Elena is the perfect excuse for us to go even more often! :) This evening E started out with some hoops - she needs a little work on her form ;) but she did a pretty darn good job for a 3 year old!
 Skee-ball is always a big hit - even though Elena chucked the ball and almost nailed me after I took the last picture here!
Elena's main goal is to get prizes at the end of the night, so Robert's main goal is to win tickets so that she can get as many prizes as possible. This means there are lots of tokens used on games where you can win lots of tickets if you are lucky!
 This was the first time we tried out the kiddie-sized air hockey game and Elena had a blast. She lost to Daddy but that was partially because she scored into her own goal a couple times! Ha ha!
We tried another completely new thing this evening as well - the Roller Coaster simulator ride. Elena LOVED it and even talked Daddy into riding with her a second time!  
I think she would have rode this over and over if we hadn't run out of tokens! I'm so excited that she liked this - hopefully she will be my amusement park buddy and ride all the rides with me when she is older! Robert is not a big fan of roller coasters.


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