Visit to Topeka!

 Well Robert had been working for a stretch in Topeka which just happens to be where my bestie Lindsay lives...so we decided to visit for a weekend. Elena was pumped to make the trip with me again!
Dom was much more enthusiastic after his nap - ha ha. :)
 We got there pretty early on a Friday evening and the kids wanted to head straight to the pool!
Who could blame them? A not-to-hot hot tub... 
 and a 3-story water slide!!
 Elena was terrified at first but after we finally got her to go down she wouldn't stop!
 Fun times!!
 Then we cleaned up met Lindsay and headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. This group was not feeling the picture - lol.
 Daddy carved a plane for Dominic out of a biscuit! Quite a hidden talent we never knew existed! Ha!
 Robert had to work early the next morning so we headed back to Lindsay's and the kids went to bed and we got to have some much needed wine and girl talk. ;)
 The next day we stayed busy while Daddy worked! We went to a farmers market and then went on a nice long walk around Lake Shawnee to a gorgeous botanical garden!
It was warm and Lindsay's dog Kya came too - wish we could all jump in the water and cool off without people looking at us funny!  
 After the walk we headed to the famous Bobo's diner, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives! So cool!
 After that we headed to a cute little old-fashioned ice cream shop in a historic part of town.
Silly kids insisted on posing here and having me take a picture!

 Then we headed to a kids art exhibit (hey, I said we kept busy!)

 Finally after {long} naps - we met Daddy for dinner!
 and then headed back to the game room area at his hotel.
Linds was a very gracious host and didn't mind the huge slumber party we had going on!!  
 Dom is just about to big for this pack-n-play!! :( My boy is getting so big!
The next morning we headed to Gage Park for one last adventure before we packed up and headed home.  
Not sure what he is doing here but he looks darn cute!
 Of course we had to do the train ride around the park!
 Little man was so excited!!
It even rained on us a little which made the ride even more fun!
After lunch and some last minute snuggles tackles for Auntie Linds we headed home.
 Two tired kids on the ride back.
So blessed to get to see Daddy while he was on the road, but also spend time with my bestie! Thanks for everything Linds!! Believe it or not it has been almost exactly a year since we last visited! Check out how much these munchkins have grown since last year's visit to Topeka!!


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