Christmas 2010!

Merry Christmas!! Most people have their kids waking them up on Christmas morning but not us -- we had to wake Elena up!! I tell you, my girl likes her sleep! (Just like Mommy - lol!) We decided to not put any presents out this year until Christmas morning so she was very surprised to see how many there were!!
Then she got to work opening them!

She was pretty excited about her princess dress up trunk of clothes and the matching shoes~
She insisted on opening them and putting them on immediately!

Another favorite of hers - her own tool set. I love that she gets just as excited about tools and cars as she does about shoes and clothes!

Then we headed over to my parent's house for to enjoy my Mom's amazing coffee cake and open presents with them and my Uncle and cousins!

You mean I get to open these presents too?!
She helped everyone open their presents too~

I'm very excited about my nook color!!!!!

Elena was pretty thrilled with her new drum set!!

Nice apron!
Jim was shocked that we got him an Apple product! :)
My Uncle Jim made Elena this wonderful coat rack for her room!
Robert got the saw that he was wanting~
Elena got a set of baby doll accessories to play with~
And a new baby doll! She is yelling "Open it PLEASE!!" in the picture below!

One happy little mama~

Then we surprised my parents with this monster gift - a new grill!! They were shocked! :)

Back inside to get ready for lunch! I just had to take a picture here - Elena is in deep conversation with my cousin Phil. She is talking so much with her hands they are blurry in the picture! Too funny!
Yum...the guys are ready to eat!
Then we took some group pictures before the Pickett's had to head out~

Hmmm...maybe we should try this one again!
Much better!

Christmas 2010~

Though we had a great day it was also very hard without my Aunt Marge - we really missed her.
After the Pickett boys left we played some games and relaxed by the fire while Elena took a 4 hour nap! (I told you this girl likes to sleep!) She was ready to play with her baby doll when she got up!

She really loves the little doll I asked Elena what her name is and she replied '"Alvarez", and I chuckled and said no honey, what's her first name? She thought about it and then got a big smile and said "Olive". I said really, you like that name? "Yes - Olive!" I think she must have overheard me talking about my friend Lynette's new dog named Olive!! :) Too funny!
After we munched on leftovers my Mom and I took Elena to see the Lights on St. Paul like we did last year.

She was in awe! There is just so much to look at, and it is so beautiful!

As you can see we had a very busy day and I totally forgot to put Elena's Christmas dress on for a couple pictures! I'm more of a dress-your-kid-comfortably kind of mommy anyways! So the next day I made her dress up and let me take a couple pictures of her. :) Silly I know, but I'm not sure that it will fit for Valentine's - so when would she get to wear this adorable dress again?!
Merry Christmas to you and your families! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!


Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve this year we went over to my parent's house to eat and hang out. My parents got Elena recordable storybooks from Hallmark and gave them to her. These are the coolest things ever! They let you record your voice reading the book and it plays it back as the pages turn. Elena doesn't appreciate them now but I think one day she will truly cherish them! I know I would love to have a book with my grandparents voice reading it to me! My Dad gave her 'Twas the Night Before Christmas~

and my Mom did Frosty the Snowman - along with a stuffed dancing Frosty!
She loved them both! Then we munched on some popcorn and enjoyed the fire.
I joked with Robert about getting us matching jammies to wear on Christmas morning and he teased me about it and told me I better not - so you know I had to go ahead and get them after that!! Ha Ha :) He was a good sport and even wore them for a picture!
We headed home and Elena was so excited for Christmas the next day that she could hardly get to sleep!


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