Thanksgiving {2014}

Thanksgiving turned out to be an amazing day! It was relaxing, fun and minus the Cowboys losing, was pretty much a perfect day! I took lots and lots of pics --
I insisted on a mini photo session since all his siblings and Mom were there. They seemed to not mind :)
 Time to clean up! :)
 Just kidding - time for round two! :)  
 The kids finally wore out!
 Shh...he's not tired. Ha ha!
 Time to say goodbye!
Whew! What a day! Happy Thanksgiving!!



The next morning the first thing the kids wanted to do (after some yummy breakfast tacos from Stripes!) was jump on the trampoline! I thought it made for some fun pictures with the beautiful sun behind their silhouettes!
 And of course this beautiful mesquite tree to swing on and climb in was pretty fun too!
Back to the jumping...
They officially burned off their calories and were ready for a Thanksgiving feast!! ;)


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