Beach Ball Party! {Dominic is ONE}

If you couldn't tell from my previous birthday posts, I love parties! I was so excited this year for Dominic's 1st birthday party and to be able to combine two of his favorite things - balls and swimming -- in a Beach Ball Party! Yay! I love all the little details of parties. :)
This was one of my favorite things - his monthly banner. See, I had an ulterior motive for all those monthly pictures - I knew it would make an adorable banner when he turned 1!


The kiddos got bubbles and cool beach ball cups with straws as party favors.
We even had a bouncy house! Fun!
I used beach pails with sand for table decorations with cute party signs.
This was my attempt at a cute #1 collage -- but it didn't come out quite as cute as expected. (at least the cute little guy in the pictures made up for it!)

Everyone had a blast and there were lots and lots of beach balls to play with too!

Next up - cake time!!
Dominic loved everyone singing to him!
But apparently he thinks he is superman or something because he decided blowing out the candles was too easy - he put them out with his hand! Check it out -
Some more fun pics from the cake -
He liked sharing with everyone more than eating it himself!


 After another dip in the pool to wash up it was piñata time!
And as if cake and piñata candy wasn't enough sweets, then it was snow cone time! :)

 Dominic got some great gifts, including a lot of trucks so he was in heaven!

What a fun, fun day! Thank you to everyone for making his day so special!

Printables purchased via Etsy - Lauren Haddox Design
Beach balls, lollipops and beach ball sippy cups - Oriental Trading
Pinata - Wal-Mart
Cake - Connie's Cookies
Pennant decorations - True Value
Sand bucket/pails - Target dollar section
Bubbles - Dollar Tree
Snow Cone Machine - Sam's Club


Alvarez Family Visit {part 1}

We are so thankful that several of Robert's family came to visit us in July! It was so great to spend time with everyone and celebrate Dominic's 1st birthday! The kids had a lot of fun with their cousins.
And of course all their Tia's and Tio and Abuela (That's aunts and uncle and Grandma for any non-Spanish speakers)  Dom dancing with Tia Yolanda -
Tia Rachel -
Tio Pete -
 For fun we left the kiddos with the older cousins and took everyone to the Kansas Star casino! It was so fun!  
 There was also a whole lot of cooking going on in our kitchen! :) 
 and plenty of fun too!
 This is crazy blurry bet we are all dancing to "Can't Hold Us" - ''...so we put our hands up like the ceiling cant hold us!'' Lol -- too funny!
 We had a fun week in store for us -- next up -- Dominic's party!!


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