A warm break.

As we are watching the snow come down already this evening it doesn't even seem possible that this past weekend it was almost 70 degrees outside!! We used the nice break from the cold to enjoy being outside as much as we could!

I may have created a picture monster...every time we go outside Elena runs to the porch and yells - "Take a picture of me Momma!" But it is so cute I will take all the picture posing I can get! :)

We even got to enjoy a wonderful day at the zoo!

Lots of animals were out enjoying the weather!

We are so ready for the spring!!


A weekend of firsts.

We did some fun new things this weekend! First off, we took Elena bowling for the first time! She had a blast - and so did we!! :)

Even the lightest ball was still a bit heavy for her so we had them bring out the ramp to help her with throwing it down the alley. After that she was golden - she even got a strike!!
The next day we took her to see her first movie - Tangled!

So excited to have the tickets!! :)

I want this, and this, and this... lol!

She did really well during the movie! We were both a little nervous on how she would do but she did great! She was totally into it for the first hour, then we had to take a potty break and when we got back she was a little more distracted. She did get a little loud at pointing things out to us during the movie - look a butterfly! - a horse! - a frog! - Daddy gave me an M&M!, etc... :) But for a 2 year old I think she did fantastic! Oh and the movie was really cute too!
Nothing better than watching a princess movie with our little princess!!

Later that day my parents watched Elena so that Robert and I could try something new too - the new IMAX theatre!! We went and watched the Green Hornet in 3D! Very cool - even though we look like we are ready to go skiing in these cool glasses! Ha ha!
We had a great weekend experiencing new things together!


Ball pit.

Today we were supposed to be heading to KC with my mom. She had a work meeting and Elenad and I were going to use the free ride to spend time with all my unbiological sisters. Well, my mom got sick and wasn't able to go and I got an unexpected call that Robert was flying home early from work in Utah. So we didn't get to go to KC this weekend but I am hoping we can get up there to see everybody very, very soon! Since I already had the day off work I decided to take Elena to My Gym today to play! It was so funny when I asked her if she wanted to go to My Gym she said ''Yes Mommy, I want to go to YOUR Gym!'' Ha ha! Here she is by her favorite activity at My Gym - the ball pit. Is it just me or does she look so grown up here?!

Speaking of how grown up she looks...she is officially signed up for Preschool in the fall! I can't believe that she is old enough for that!! Someone please stop her from growing up! We found a great program that I am very excited about and she has been talking about it ever since we went on a visit there! I keep explaining it will be a while until she actually gets to go - hopefully she is as excited in September as she is now!



We finally ventured out into the snow today!! Let's just say this little lady had a blast!!
She decided to roll down this little hill in our back yard over, and over and over again!! Too funny!

Then we ventured out to the front yard to check out the snow there!
She thought it was hilarious to crawl in it!
And pick up these big snow balls and throw them. She kept calling them "snow rocks"!
Hmmm...what does this taste like mommy? Her answer?...ICE! ;)
I finally convinced her to come back inside by offering her some hot chocolate. (Which she has never had before but since it had the word chocolate in it she was sold on the idea!)

Yummy, she loved it! What a great day!!


I know I have mentioned how my mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies EVER in previous posts before. Well, Elena thinks they are fabulous too and has been asking her to make them all the time! Of course she always wants to help Grandma too.

A little taste test. She likes the dough about as much as her mommy and grandma do! :)

Are they done yet??
Yum, now that's what I'm talking about!



This weekend my good friend Chelsea was in town. Her, Sarah and I decided to go watch a little high school basketball. Our Newman basketball coach now coaches his daughter's high school team. So we decided to go out and support them both! Elena thought being in the gym was pretty cool.

Especially when she got popcorn!

Elena kept saying - I just want to go down there and play mama! Maybe someday she will be out on that court and I will be cheering her on!! :)
Coach's team played great, especially his daughter Payton! They are undefeated and heading towards their 2nd state championship hopefully!! I should have got a group picture of all of us but Elena was getting a little restless after the game and I ended up chasing her all around and forgot. It was so great to see them again and to catch up with them and Chelsea too!


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