phone dump.

I just wish I could catch up on blogging! I feel like I am always 1-2 months behind anymore (I guess that is what happens when kiddo #2 comes along!) So in an attempt to catch up I am going to finally get some of the pictures I have taken towards the end of summer on here! 

Elena was engrossed with making a boat out of leaves, paper and tape. She spent hours getting it just right.
Her mouth is always open when she is focused on something. :)
Sadly all this hard work sank right to the bottom of the pond. But no worries, she kept on until she got one that floated! Persistence I tell ya!
Robert's good college buddy Ray came back from Texas to visit. Fun times!

This guy got several ride on toys for his birthday and has broken in every single one.
He loves to snack! This was first thing in the morning one day. Note to self: put the veggie straws behind the cabinet!
Later that day he was found playing in Elena's room. Hey, at least he picked out a matching princess crown! He was so proud of himself!!
I found him chillin' one morning in the crib.
He is too cute!
BFF bike ride -
Tree climbing and hanging out in Aunt Marie's backyard.

Relaxing -
Grandma's little helper!
My sweet boy!
He literally tried to get these flip flops on for 10 minutes before he yelled at me to come help him. Silly boy.
Laid back.
A trip to the art museum.
1st banana split ever. He loved it -
She decided she still prefers lime sherbet instead! (what?? crazy!)

Tea party.
Coppertone baby.
1st time in the grocery cart car for D!
My walking crew.
Pretty girl.
Checking out a new cupcake place - yum!

I found about 20 selfies exactly like this on my phone! Hilarious!
 Dinner with Auntie Linds al fresco!
 A good reason to not give a toddler yogurt at the store to keep him entertained! Lesson learned. Ha!
One of his favorite spots.
 Playing on the computer at the library.
 Ready for Mardi Gras?
 Mom, this is cold!
 Sprinkler fun!
  Cooling off.


super hero party

Elena's buddie's CJ and Estela turned 4 and 3 a couple days apart from each other and they had a fun super hero party to celebrate! Elena was so excited to make them cards. She told me, I hope they like these cards as much as I love them! :) So sweet!
 Sofia and Dominic ready to party!
They had this awesome water slide for the kids to play on!  
D even played in it. I'm pretty sure next summer he will be right up there with the big kids!
 Present time. I think CJ liked the gift we gave him - lol!  
Estela liked hers too!
Dom kept himself entertained while they were opening presents.
I tried to tell him this was for the car and not a slide but he didn't seem to care!
 Biggest piƱata ever!!
 My little super heros!
 Cake time!
What a fun party!  
 All the super heros! (Best we could get of Dom - lol!)
Happy birthday CJ and Estela!!


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