Pickett Christmas.

We got to extend our Christmas out even longer this year with a visit from my cousins - Chris and Phil!!
We had them and my parents over to our house for dinner and presents. Robert decided to fry a turkey for dinner! It was delicious!
Even though it had snowed this week today was a beautiful day and much warmer - we spent some nice quality time outside and around the fire pit.
My cousins were very thoughtful in their gifts and the kiddos loved them!
 Phil got Robert a mega phone with a siren on it. No comment. :)
 ...and the most thoughtful gift my Mom and I have received in a long time (possibly ever!) Phil made us both CD's of music from a recording session of my Aunt Marge and Uncle Jim singing together. How amazing is that?? We tried to listen to it but as soon as we heard my aunt's voice my Mom and I lost it and started bawling. I still haven't been able to sit down and listen to it yet - maybe Mom and I can do this someday soon. What a great gift that I will treasure always.
It was so wonderful to spend time with the boys and I am very thankful that they made the trip up to see us for Christmas!!


Christmas {2013) part 2

We arrived at my parents just in time for a yummy lunch and then we started opening more presents! I'll let the pictures do the talking -- 
We gave Grandma a Botanica membership but hadn't gotten her membership card yet, so Elena made one! :)
Another request from Santa fulfilled - Fairy ice cream cart -
 G-ma and Dom chilling -
Dom helped with as many presents as he could. :)
 My parents checking out their new photo books of the kids --  
Who doesn't love a yummy smelling Hubby?
 Gotta love scratch tickets!
This kid knows how to relax...
 Absolutely love this picture of Elena and my Dad!!! :)
While the kiddos napped - Robert and I snuck away to a movie! Yay! Our first two choices were sold out so we ended up a Grudge Match - which we actually really liked!! After we got back we snacked on left overs and played with the kids and all their new goodies! We decided to hit up the Lights on St. Paul on the way home - fun!
Feeling very blessed this Christmas Season!! Hope that you and your loved ones had a Merry Christmas too!!


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