Elena's Preschool Christmas Party

Elena was so excited for her preschool class Christmas party this year! Their 1st activity was gingerbread houses! Yay--I was so happy they did this in class because Elena had been asking when we could do it and I hadn't had a chance to do it with her yet. Perfect!! She was so focused. :)
 The finished masterpiece, she was so happy with her house!!
 While all the kids were working on their houses guess who got to play all by himself with the toys??
 Then it was time for snacks! What adorable snacks they were too! I loved the Christmas tree rice krispie treats!
 Elena and I made little candy trains for party favors - they were a huge hit with the kids (and parents)!! I remember making these when I was a little girl for my school friends!! Apparently times have changed because I had the hardest time finding rolls of Life Savers and small 5 stick packs of gum! Such a fun and easy project and all you need is the candy and a hot glue gun!
 Then the kids played a reindeer ring toss game! It was hilarious! ;)
 We even got Dom to put on the nose! :)
I also have to add a picture of Elena the Elf that was in the hallway!! So adorable!! :)
I can't believe next year her class party will be in a different school and she will be in kindergarten!!

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