15 months.

Yes, my little one is 15 months old today~and I can't believe it! I am having some trouble dealing with the fact that she is turning into a toddler and not my little baby anymore. Sometimes I look at her and just can't believe at how fast she is growing and maturing. I am also having difficulty with random little things about her growing up, like realizing that I can't shop in the 'newborn' section of the stores anymore ~ I know it is silly but sometimes things like that make me tear up! But enough about me - what has Elena been up to recently? Let's see...
  • She only has TWO teeth!! Isn't that crazy?!
  • She loves music and to dance.
  • Her vocabulary is nuts! I swear she is learning and saying a new word or two everyday.
  • She is starting to pick up on Spanish, especially body parts.
  • Dora and Elmo are still her favorites but Mickey is starting to give them a run for their money.
  • She loves to talk on the phone, especially to her Grandparents. If she hears a phone ring, even on TV, she puts her hand to her ear and says "hello".
  • She has started kissing everything! She gives us kisses all the time but she also kisses her stuffed animals, dolls, her reflection in a mirror, and even pictures in her books! She is such a little sweetheart~it makes our hearts melt. :)



If you didn't know - we had a white Christmas!! So we took Elena out the next day to play in the snow! What a blast she had!
She picks up on words so fast it is amazing to me - not that "snow" is that difficult to say, but I think I may have a baby genius on my hands! ;)
Elena even made a snow angel - with a little help from Daddy!
She loved it so much that she cried when we took her inside!


Christmas 2009!

After we opened presents at our house we went over to my parents to spend the rest of Christmas with them, my Aunt and Uncle and cousins. Look at this crazy amount of presents!

Dad, Robert and Chris~


Jim and Marge~
Time to start unwrapping!

A Dora suitcase to pack her stuff in when she stays over at her Grandparents! She decided to try it out!

Not sure if you can tell in this picture, but Robert really likes these gloves and tried to put them in his present pile.
But later he got some too!

More and more presents~

Elena really liked her new vacuum cleaner!
My mom works in construction and had recently listened to a speaker who talked about how early we start stereotyping our children by the gifts that we give them. She had already purchased a shopping cart and vacuum for Elena and she decided that Elena needed something that wasn't as girlie.
So she got Elena a dump truck! And Elena LOVED it!! :)
Then it was time to eat!

Now of course we need dessert!
Not the prettiest sugar cookies ever but they were yummy!

Time for some family photos~

A group shot with the self-timer~not too bad!
At the end of the night we bundled up and headed home.
But first we made a stop through the Lights at St. Paul, which are right around the corner from my parents house. They were so neat and we are going to start doing it every Christmas night!

We had a wonderful Christmas! I hope that you and your families did too! Merry Christmas!


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