2nd Birthday!

Well, my baby is officially two!! I can't believe it! We started off her day yesterday with a little present waiting for her in the living room ~

A My Little Pony! She loved it!

Then we made her a Mickey Mouse pancake~

She was pretty thrilled with it too! :)
After I went to work , Daddy took her to do her favorite thing - swimming!! I was sad that I missed it, but Elena loves her alone time with daddy! :) Besides, there was much more excitement to come later. We met my parents, Uncle Jim and Linds for dinner at DeFazio's for some yummy pasta! She got a card and a little present before spaghetti time!

After dinner, Robert just had to introduce Linds to his newest find - Key Lime Pie gum! Yep they were both pretty psyched about it!
Group picture ~

Time to go home for presents and cake!

These next two presents were definitely her favorites - an RV with a mom, dad and baby to play in it and a fun toy car ramp!

Funny story about the cakes -- it was supposed to be one! But after I tried to stack them on top of each other, the top one started to separate (imagine what a cake earthquake would look like!). I tried to get it to stay with an extra thick layer of icing but finally gave in and just decided to go with two cakes - I mean she is 2 right?!
She didn't seem to mind!

Proud of herself after blowing out both the candles!
We let her go to town on this one, it does have her name on it after all! ;)

What a special day for my special little girl - I can't wait to celebrate with all of her friends at her Minnie Mouse party this weekend!!


Play date for Lundy.

My friend Sabrina has a very sick little 2 month old boy. Bronx has been in the hospital for almost 3 weeks and will be there probably for another week. She is keeping us posted on her blog if you are interested in following his fight. Her older son, Lunden, hasn't been able to play with all of his friends during Bronx's stay at the hospital so some friends of ours arranged a play date at My Gym so he could play with all of his friends! Isn't that a wonderful idea? Elena and Lunden and all of their little buddies had a blast! My big girl is so much more brave than last time she was here!

On the monkey bars with Skylyn. Every time Elena was climbing on something she counted each step that she took. So I could always pinpoint where she was in the room by which direction the counting was coming from.

Hanging with Emma and Skylyn on the trampoline - I guess Elena needed a break here!
Oh the ball pit! So much fun to jump into!
These huge foam blocks were in the corner and Elena decided they needed to be lined up - I tell you this girl likes to line up any and everything she can get her hands on!
Hmmm...how many kiddos can we fit in the ball pit?!
Total chaos! But so much fun!
Lundy needed a water break before it was time to go! :)
Elena (and everyone!) had so much fun today!
Please keep baby Bronx in your prayers!



Well, it seems like fall arrived overnight this year! One day we are in shorts and tank tops and suddenly the next we are digging in the closet for jeans and hoodies! Really? I don't know that I am ready to put the summer clothes away yet!! My friend Sarah makes fun of me the first few weeks it turns cold - when I am still holding out and sporting my summer gear - "Really? Not going to give it up yet, are ya?" :) I had to break down and get out a jacket for Elena today though. Pretty cute! I forgot how cute little jackets and hoodies are on kiddos!

We are still not quite ready to lose the flip flops though!!!


Flashback Friday - Little Layna.

With Elena's 2nd Birthday right around the corner, I have been thinking about how much she has grown and changed in these past 2 years! It is unbelieveable!! Since I started my blog when she was 6 months old, I thought I would share some pictures from when she was just an itty bitty baby! :)


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