Phone photos.

This weekend Elena has felt like this~
:( Poor baby! So we have been trapped in our house all weekend long watching TV, playing with toys and napping. She took a 5 1/2 hour nap on Saturday!!! Since nothing is going on here - I thought I would share some of my pics from my phone that have accumulated in the past few weeks. The ones that no one ever really gets to see - and are usually not clear enough to print out, but are sometimes really cute or funny! :)
Playing dress-up.
She insisted on wearing this Santa hat around one day - silly girl!
Someone else seems to be enjoying Elena's train set too!
Just about as long as Dora on her blanket~
Hmmm...does real Daddy sit this close to the TV too?
A pillow case that I made for Elena - she loves it!

Our favorite place to eat lately- Samurai - Elena requests it all.the.time. Good thing Robert and I love it too!

Bath time fun!

This was just a couple weeks ago!!!

My sweetie!
Hopefully Elena starts felling better soon! I think we are starting to go a little stir-crazy!!


Yummy, easy and healthy crock pot chicken!

I made this delicious recipe with my friend Lindsay the other night and it was so easy and yummy I thought I would share it with you! She got the recipe from our other friend Michelle, who has some other tasty-looking recipes on her blog that I am going to have to try! For this recipe all you need is 4 chicken breasts, 1 cup salsa and 1 packet of taco seasoning. Seriously, that's it! :)

Combine all ingredients in the crock pot and set on the 2-4 hour setting. (Forgive my food picture taking skills-need to work on that!)

After 2 hours (4 hours if the chicken is frozen), take the breasts out and shred them with a fork. Then put back in the remaining sauce for about 15 minutes longer to soak up all that left over juicy goodness!
You can serve this any way you want - in a taco, a burrito, on top of nachos or as a salad like we did this night. We added black beans, a little bit of colby/jack cheese, some crushed up tortilla chips, more salsa for dressing and a dollop of sour cream - so yummy!!!!!!

Our littlest food critic also gave it two thumbs up! Elena devoured a whole taco all by herself! :)


Weekend Wrap-Up.

Robert has been traveling A LOT for work lately so he has been out of town quite a bit. We used this long holiday weekend to just hang out and enjoy our time together. We did a random assortment of lots of things so here we go...
We went to Target and ordered Robert some new glasses (the old ones were missing an entire side so they were a little tough to wear!) Of course Robert decided that Elena needed some new glasses too, so here are her lovely new pink and purple Dora sunglasses!

Which she proudly displayed the rest of the day - even while she was playing at the park! She really loves these glasses and I love that they actually stay on her face!

We took more advantage of the gorgeous weather with a trip to the Zoo! Elena was trying to be as small as the littlest penguin here.

Is it just me or does she look slightly terrified of the alligators behind us? Lol.
This little girl can not get enough of the reptiles and amphibians!

She got to feed her giraffe buddy Emmett, and he returned the favor with a sloppy kiss right on her cheek, again! That happened last time too! :)
She insisted on pushing her stroller and not riding in it.
Last time we went to the Zoo she kept saying we were going to listen to music. My Mom and I had no idea what she was talking about until she pointed out the Zoo Key boxes scattered throughout the Zoo. You put in a key and it plays a little song and gives facts about the animals. Last time we forget this beloved key to activate the boxes and she was so sad. So we made sure we had it this time and she made sure to find every single one in the zoo! She had her own little dance party at each one too!

We had to keep telling her not to touch this bird - she really wanted to pet it!
We love being outside! Thank goodness the weather seems to be getting warmer!

Another thing we played with a lot this weekend was her train set - she just loves it!

Check out this ginormous city that Daddy built for her!

Now, please don't think any less of me, but we had never been to Orange Leaf since it has been in Wichita! I know, I know - crazy! So we decided to go this weekend. Can I just say YUM?! We will be heading here more often!! :)

Last but not least, we purchased Elena an adorable dollhouse. This little girl is now OBSESSED! Oh my goodness. I'm pretty sure she didn't sleep very well that night because she wanted to get up and play with it! But can you blame her? How cool is this dollhouse? It is going to keep her occupied for hours at a time!

I think this last picture sums up the weekend in Elena's eyes! Mom -- will you please stop letting the paparazzi follow us everywhere and take my picture!! ;)


Valentine fun.

Warning - there are a LOT of pictures in this post! You know me! ;) We have been doing some fun Valentine's projects around here lately. Maybe too many since Elena woke up yesterday and said - "Do you want to do a project momma?"!
Project #1~ we put these fun heart decals on our sliding glass door~
Project #2 ~ Dora Mobile ~
I printed these hearts off of http://www.nickjr.com/~
Then we glued them together to make them double sided and threaded a ribbon through each hole so they could hang.
Add to a hanger and voila - instant mobile!
Project #3 ~ Sugar Cookie Decorating ~
She was really into putting the sprinkles on this year! (Notice the little stuffed duck that she insisted sit next to her to supervise!)
Inspecting her work~
and the official taste test~
Project #4 ~ Hand print Coasters ~ I read somewhere on-line about doing a hand print on a piece of tile to make a cute Valentine keepsake coaster. I thought this was great so we decided to try! We laid out all of the supplies~
She was so excited to get paint on her hand!
What is nice about the tile is that you can wipe it off and re-do the hand print if you don't like how it looks (thank goodness-it took a couple tries!) ;)
Since the tiles were so inexpensive I decided to have her make several to give to our good buddies!
Then I let her do a little finger painting. She loved it and was fascinated that blue and red made purple!!
Me and my red-handed bandit!
I used a sharpie paint pen to write her name and the date on each tile~
Then I used these cute little foam heart stickers to put on the backside of each corner so the tile won't slip or scratch a table.
Final step was to seal them with a waterproof spray.
Elena and I were both very happy with how they came out!
Project #5~ Heart shaped Pizzas (for dinner on Valentine's day)~
Cutting the dough into hearts was a little tricky but I think we did a pretty good job!
Adding her toppings ~
Sneaking in a couple bites!
She was so proud of her pizza!
Yummy!!! I had a pizza baking stone that I had never used before and let me tell you, it made such a huge difference in how the pizza tasted! It was so much better!! I will definitely be breaking it out more often! My yummy pizza and Valentine wine~
My Little Valentine!
Hope you all had a fun Valentine's day with your loved ones too!


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