First Softball Season Ever.

Elena's first season of softball is in the books! I am so proud of her, she got better and better over the season and truly enjoyed it. I think she also loved that Mommy was out on the field helping with the team! ;) (Warning - photo overload coming your way as I wrap an entire season into one post!)
 The dugout was pretty much social time! Ha!
 Her BFF Zeplynn was on the team to which she loved (strategic move to help her like softball? Maybe!) And they loved having matching hairstyles for the game. Seriously. She begged me to text Z's mom to make sure they would have the same hair! Yeesh!
But it did help me learn to master the double French braid! I was really proud of myself too!
Sometimes we had to keep them separated on the field...Lol!
After the first inning pretty much every girl came up and asked me when they would have snacks and what they were having! Ha ha ha.
I'm so glad she not only liked softball but really wanted to practice and get better at it!!
Check out that form - ready for kid-pitch!! :)
She also had a huge fan in little brother! He wanted to get on that field and play so bad!
Two more huge fans!! (They loved having a reason to be out at the ball diamonds again - we spent many, many nights and weekends here when I played)
 We took my nice camera to the field one night and my Mom took some pics for me.
Elena just happened to get to play pitcher that night!! Yay!!! She did so great - seriously like 10 grounders came to her, and she stopped every single one. Proud Mommy for sure!!
 She even got her first "real" out! Go Elena Go!
and I just happened to get it on video with my phone. (A perk to being on the field!) Please ignore my loud yelling - I was just a tad excited! :)
 Love that intensity!!!
 On her last game they played their little hearts out and were beyond thrilled to get trophys!!! So fun!
 I know I already said this but I was so, so proud of Elena this season!! Looking forward to many more! Great job baby girl!!


Girl's trip!

My big girl and I got to take a road trip to Topeka for my friend Michelle's wedding. Elena was super excited for some time with Mommy with no little brother around! :)
My little traveler.  
The wedding was really pretty!! Michelle looked beautiful as did my friends Kylie and Lindasy who were bridesmaids!! (Good think we sat near the back because I had an antsy from the 2 hour car ride 5 year old next to me - ha ha) 
 The reception was right up her alley with lots of little girlfriends to play with!
 and glow sticks - who doesn't love glow sticks?
 Like I said, who doesn't love glow sticks?! Lol 
I had a blast hanging out with my little lady and my friends! (sorry for the poor quality phone pictures)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomassett!
Elena the photographer...
 She couldn't let the extra flowers go to waste and insisted on taking some home!!
 She's got this hotel livin down!
and even got some pool time with Eva before we checked out.
Ready to hit the road!
 But first one more stop by my bestie's house to hang for a little bit!
 Her choice for lunch and then we headed home.  
 So fun to get to spend some time with just my little girl - she is growing up way to fast!!


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