Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!
More details to come about our fun-filled weekend...


Class Party.

I think I may have been more excited about Elena's preschool class Halloween party than she was, until she put on her costume! Oh my goodness, this little lady was in heaven!! :)
She got this adorable Rapunzel dress for her birthday so I made her some long blonde hair out of yarn. She loved it!
What an adorable little princess! 
 (Yes, if you are counting we are up to 3 different costumes this year - but wait there will be more - lol!) I got to attend her little class party and was so glad I got to be there!  
 Ready to trick or treat down the halls - 
After the trick or treating they got to do a little craft. A cute black cat out of their handprint. 
 Then it was time for fun pumpkin shaped cookies and cupcakes! (right before lunch too, oh well, they loved them!)
I signed up to bring a party favor for this kids to take home and I made these adorable mini smores kits. They were a big hit! :)
 Yes, they were from Pinterest - how did you know? ;)
Elena got to honk Miss Teresa's nose before she left - all the kids thought this was hilarious!
Elena also had dance class this same day and the instructors told them they could dress up for class. So we made use of some wings and a tutu that she also recieved for her birthday and she went as a fairy/Tinkerbell. She loved the wings and twirled and twirled all night! 
What a day two costumes and a party too! When did Halloween turn into a month instead of a night?? 


Trunk or Treat

Last year Elena had a great time at a little trunk or treat event in a nearby shopping center so we decided to go again this year. She has so many dress up outfits in her closet so we opted for a little Minnie Mouse this time! :) 
She had a fun time and loves getting to say trick or treat! 
 Check out this Smurf car - pretty funny!
 There was a little craft station where you could make a bracelet, Elena seemed into it at first but then decided she only wanted 2 beads on it - kind of funny!
 I tried for a quick pic with her and this was the best we got -- and she's not even looking at the camera! Oh well!


Spooky Crafts.

We have been doing some fun, easy Halloween crafts around here lately so I thought I would share. Pretty much all of these came from good ol' Pinterest! First, we did some light up milk jug ghosts.
They are inside for now but will definitely be lining the walk way for trick or treaters! :)
Next we did some edible crafts, witch hats and more ghosts!
Look at that tounge! So serious! These hats were perfect for her to help with! 
Next up Nutter Butter ghosts! Elena got a little carried away with the eyes! ;)
Can you tell which ones are Elena's? Ha ha! 
So cute, so easy and so yummy!
We seem to have a ghost theme going on here and here is an adorable painted canvas with Elena's ghost feet. I love this, just need a cute ribbon to put on and hang it up. (I also found out Elena has extremely high arches - just like her mommy!) 
There you have it - all fun, easy and inexpensive crafts!! I've got even more yummy treats lined up for next weekend too!!
I'm linking up with Jessica, who has been hosting a PinterTest Kitchen to encourage less pinning and more doing on her blog - gotta love that! :)



Last weekend we attended Boo-tanica at Botanica! It was a gorgeous day to explore the beautiful gardens! My little princess dressed up as Ariel, the Little Mermaid and she had the time of her life! 
Notice that lovely little bruise under her eye? Oh yeah, that is her first playground accident! She turned and ran right into a piece of equipment! (I have no idea where she got that clumsy gene! Lol)
 There were games, 
scarecrow hunts, crown-crafting, bark rubbing,
 pretending to be a mermaid sitting on a rock (oh yeah, she was serious about this!), 
 and even more crafts with Elena's favorite thing - glitter!! 
She put a face on a pumpkin and put the eyebrows to the sides of the eyes instead of on top and decided it looked like a dragon and wanted to name it dragon! :)
 More games, more fun and more exploring! 
We even got to make mini-paintings courtesy of Paint the Towne - fun! Until Elena leaned over the paint and got a big blue spot on her costume. :( Oh well, good thing she has like 10 more dress up outfits that can be costumes this year! 
Love this one! Happy Halloween! 


Happy Birthday Mom!

September and October are birthday-overload months! It seems like everyone's birthdays fall into these two months except for just a few people. My Mom is another October birthday and we celebrated with a nice Italian dinner and her only request - butterscotch pie! Yum-O!  
"Happy Birthday to you...." (along with the good old keyboard accompaniment) 
Elena had never had this type of pie and lets just say she is now a fan too! 
 One of my presents to my Mom was a Halloween cookie decorating class at a little shop called Cake Stuff. It was a lot of fun! It is just amazing at all the prep work that goes into decorating cookies! That took up about 1/3 of the class!
Finally ready to get started-
Then we got to work -- as you can see from the pics, we are seriously concentrating!! Lol!
 Here are all of our finished cookies! Not too shabby! 
We decided to take a picture with our favorite one. 
 Here is what they are supposed to look like. :) Pretty close!! 
 It was a really fun thing to do together! I think we may even go back and try another class!! I am also happy to report these cookies tasted fantastic!! 
Happy Birthday Mom!! 


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