Father's Day {2014}

Robert had been out of town for work but got home just in time for Father's Day this year!! The kids were so excited to see him and give him his gifts that they couldn't even wait a day! (They are so much like their Daddy sometimes its scary - he can never wait to give a present!) 
Elena put a lot of thought into her creations and I helped her with a little collage project too! Robert loved them all!! 
Dom and I got him this - because he is the grill master of course!! ;)
The next day was Father's day and we hit up On The Border for a delicious lunch drinks for us and food for the kids! Robert introduced me to a new beer which is a combo of two of my favorites - Summer Shandy and Blue Moon - Yum!

The kids were very good - so we indulged them with the iPad.
Then we headed over to a sports bar for us to eat and to watch some of the Spurs game! Go Spurs Go!! 
Happy Father's Day Babe - you are the best Daddy our kids could ever have! Love you. 


Riverfest Fun.

It has just been busy, busy, busy since I last blogged - but I guess that's just how summers are! :) We had fun times at Riverfest this year - including getting to watch a play - The Ugly Duckling.
 Then we got some fun balloons and went to see the new fountain show that we hadn't had a chance to see yet. 
 There was a kid area too but all the inflatables we soaked so we didn't stick around long.
 Another night was free ice cream social night! :)
 So many people!!
 Then it was time for the Touch-A-Truck event where you get to get up in all these cool trucks! Dominic loved it last year, but this year was a different story! I don't know if it was the crowds, or noise (lots of honking trucks) or heat, but he was not a happy camper!! :(
 Elena was having a blast though!
 He still had fun - but he was just not himself on this night!
Glad we got to enjoy some fun events at Riverfest this year!!


Dance Recital {2014}

Elena's big dance recital was the same day as the River Run and the Stearman summer kickoff - whew - what a busy day!!  Elena was so excited and especially thrilled that she got to wear make-up! :)
Dom was happy to sit in the room with the girls while they waited to dance and sneak their snacks! (Check out that sweet Elena button!!)  
Elena's first performance was to "Babyface" - It was adorable and she did great!!
 Next up was an outfit change into a little kitty cat! Meow!
There was a lot of time in between her numbers (waaaay to long for 5 year olds!)...thank goodness for snacks, Barbie dolls, movies and coloring pages!
 Finally ready to go!
Dom was so excited and wanted to stand with all the girls too! :)
My sweet little kitty!
Her next dance was ''What's New Pussycat'' - and it is very obvious that someone likes to be the center of attention!!
 She has come a long way in her third year of dance and we are so proud of her!
This was the first time Robert got to come to the recital (usually he is out of town as this is his busy season and he travels a lot) and he was amazed at just how big of a production it was! He secretly enjoyed watching all the dancers too! Shhh...don't tell. ;) She was so excited to have Daddy there!
But wait, that's not all! For the big finale all the girls got to go out on stage and sing along to Frozen's ''Let It Go''! It was absolutely adorable and you could tell the girls were having the time of their lives!!  
and guess who ended up front and center belting it out? ;)
So fun!!  
 Grandma and Grandpa got to come too! They were just as proud as we were!
Its amazing how much she has grown the past few years - check out 2012 and 2013's recitals.


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