"Fun" weekend!

Last weekend was a very fun one!! It started out with a birthday party for our neighbor friends at Funtastics gymnastics. At first I wondered why they would have a party all the way across town...but then we got there and I quickly realized why -
 This place was ah-mazing!!!
The kids about lost it when we walked in, they were so excited!!!
Giant inflatable slide!
 That Dom insisted I go down with him on!
 Elena was pretty fearless with the foam pit!
 and so was Dom - when he wasn't trying to throw the cubes out!
The only bad thing about the foam pit was that Dom wanted me to jump in with him every time! Do you know how hard it is to climb out of that sucker?? I should've worn workout clothes for sure!
 The zipline was a huge hit with Elena!
What a fun place to have a party - Elena is already suggesting that she have her party here next year! She has a long time to think about that one though! :) 
One more fun video of the kids having a blast! Dominic was cracking me up with his ''walking'' off the trampoline!
After the party we hit up Buffalo Wild Wings to watch some football and play a little trivia!
 Dom was pretending his potato wedges were guns! Lol - this kid, all of the sudden he is turning everything into a gun! Boys I tell you!
 and this was the look on her face when she legitimately beat me at trivia! My little smarty pants!
Later in the day was makeovers, pizza and some Wreck-It Ralph!
 and a little wrestling session with Aunt Marie!
Then it was time for Sunday Funday and Cowboys game day!! We cleaned and relaxed most of the day and then decided that we had to get out of the house!
 So where else did we go? Stearman! It was an awesome evening!
 and there were skydivers!!! I told Dominic that people were jumping out of the plane and he looked at me and said - "Why?" Ha ha! I totally agree buddy!
 His happy place - and his planes even matched the ones on the tarmac!
 On the way out we walked around some of the planes - it was getting dark so these pics are super grainy!
 A super nice pilot even let the kids get up in one of the planes! Stearman definitely never disappoints us!! Love it!
 We had a fantastic, busy and fun weekend! Love our time together!


1st Kindergarten Fieldtrip! {Pumpkin Patch}

Last Friday was Elena's first Kindergarten fieldtrip and they went to the pumpkin patch - I requested the morning off so Dom and I could join for at least part of the day! She was so excited and had been counting down the days so I decided to surprise her with pumpkin pancakes for breakfast!! :)
 Good thing I made something special cause this girl (and her feet-ha!) were sleeping comfortably!
 Dom was so excited to be with her class and Elena was very excited that we were there too!
 First stop, the corn maze! Holy Moly - this thing was hard!!
 My little airplane flew his way through the maze -
 Meanwhile guess who insisted on being the ''leader'' of the group? ;)
 After we escaped the maze (we ended up backtracing to the entrance - ha ha ha!) we ran around a little and then headed out to the pumpkin pacth!
 It was the most beautiful day!!
The kids searched and searched for just the right pumpkins!
By this time Dom was whining and ready for a nap. Poor guy just wanted to go play on the inflatables but the class wasn't doing that until after lunch! It did not work out well for him - good thing we plan to go another time with Daddy!! Dom and I headed home when it was time for lunch. Luckily Elena's teacher took some fun pics for me of her enjoying the afternoon!  
Yay for a first fieldtrip!!


Daddy's Birthday!

Robert was out of town on his actual birthday but we made up for it when he got back a couple days later with a fun dinner at our local Mexican restaurant! Dominic thought the hat was great! :)
 Happy Birthday Daddy!!
 This is blurry but I love them!!
 And another blurry one - seriously, its not like I don't have a ''good'' camera now - don't know why I didn't get it out! We got him a couple new Cowboys shirts for his presents!
 We were all so happy to have him back in town and Dom especially liked extending his bedtime by wrapping daddy around his finger and cuddling with him. So sweet.
Happy birthday Babe! You are the best husband and daddy our family could ask for!!! :)


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