A visit to Arkansas!

Well we made it to Arkansas in a record 4 hours! With no bathroom stops!! I kept asking Elena if she needed to stop but she was on a mission to get there without stopping! We are working on potty training with Dom and he totally had to go when we hit a stretch of no exits (with an hour left to Sarah's house)  - I told him to go in his pull up and he didn't want to - mommy fail, but at least that is very encouraging!!
The next morning was valentines day and we started out with some Mickey pancakes! We had 4 happy kiddos on our hands!
The kids had so much fun just hanging out and playing together! :)
We went to an amazing art museum (which is totally getting its own post!) and then Sarah, Elena and I went to lunch and exploring downtown Bentonville while the little ones napped. :) Photo courtesy of my photographer in training (never mind the cute 6 year old thumb ;)
There were some adorable little shops and we got some fun one-of-a-kind goodies!
We had a yummy grilled dinner with Sarah's parents and then gave the boys a bath --- too fun!
and E got to check out Sarah's Jacuzzi tub - I am so jealous I didn't have time for one too!
Cheers to hanging out with best buddies!! :)
Next up: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art!


Valentine Fun!

Since Robert wouldn't be in town for Valentines day we decided to take the kids out for a little treat. Dominic picked a giant owl sugar cookie and Elena picked a corset! ;) Ha ha ha! Every time I look at this picture that makes me laugh!
 I also got the chance to meet up with my girl Lindsay while I was out of town for work. Of course we had to have a date night including, Mexican food, mojitos and a delicious donut dessert!
Later that week Elena was all set for her Valentine Party at school - she had the outfit - (note: she will only wear sneakers 90% of the time to school - Mom, I need my tennis shoes on to run fast!)
Her party favors...
and Mommy was in charge of snacks! Check!
I got to attend her school party and it is so fun to see her interact with all her little friends and figure out who the ones I hear about often are! (Especially a boy's name that has been thrown around a-lot! Yikes!)
Her wonderful teacher! She insisted we buy her this fun balloon.
They had to unwrap Hershey kisses with socks on their hands - pretty funny! And the girls team won!
At home Elena showed off all her goodies to Dom and Grandma! Seriously when did Valentine's become Halloween part II?? Holy moly. Lucky for Dom she got a bunch of monster truck cards from the boys in her class and gave them to him - he was pumped!!
Then we got packed up for a road trip to see my bestie in Arkansas! Only 4 hours to go...wish us luck!!  


Elena's 1st school program!

Elena was so excited about her first Kindergarten school music program! They had a love theme for Valentines Day and it was so stinking adorable!! Elena also just happened to be front and center! Funny how that keeps working out at her concerts!
Dominic and grandma came along too! Dominic was so ridiculously loud though! You would think 15 lollipops would keep him quiet but no such luck! Geez!
 Seriously - how fast can he eat a lollipop!?
The kiddos did great and you can tell how much Elena loves it? She is so animated! :)
She did so great we went for an ice cream treat after to celebrate!!
 A closer shot of my little performer! Maybe she will have a career in show business some day! ;)


A jam-packed weekend!

Back in Feb we had some unseasonably warm weather one weekend and it just happened to be the weekend before Robert had to leave for a work trip for a couple weeks, so we took advantage of the weather and packed everything fun and outdoorsy we could think of into it! :) We started with Family Fun Day at Botanica. So many fun activities and things for the kids to do - it was great!
 We also found out the Elena has some mad jumping skills! We may just have a little track star on our hands! (that would make daddy so happy!)
 It looks like Robert is on his phone but he is actually playing "Uptown Funk" for us while we were walking - its kinda like our theme music! LOL!
Then we headed out for lunch at....you guessed it...Stearman! It was perfect timing on this too because there were seriously about 15 planes on the runway when we arrived!! Perfect!! 
 We even got to watch this big jet take off - it was so loud!!
 Dominic is so funny and loves this place so much! He cracks us up! :)
 Finally for Sunday Funday we hit up the zoo!!
I think we fit as much family fun into one weekend as possible!! :)


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