Stearman Fun.

The day after the painting party we took Sarah and Jack out to see what all the fuss is about at Stearman Airfield! It was a gorgeous day and the kids had a blast checking out all the unique plans that were there that day!
 Everyone loved this one!!
Jack loved it!
 *almost* as much as Dominic does!
So glad we got to spend some extra time with Jack and Sarah!


Absolute Vintage.

In case you don't know, my best friend Sarah has accepted a nurse practitioner position in Arkansas! Amazing how you can feel so happy and sad at the same time! I am going to miss her tremendously but know that she will still be my best friend and it will just take a little longer drive to visit each other now. ;) For a going away party I helped arrange a painting party that we had both been wanting to try for awhile now at an adorable little boutique called Absolute Vintage.  Some of our closest friends were able to join!
I couldn't resist adding a few going away touches ala Pinterest...
After a beautiful day it decided to rain on our patio party! :( But it finally cleared off and we still got to do our party outside! 
It ended up being a beautiful night!
After several hours (and glasses of wine!) our masterpieces were finally finished! I thought they all turned out amazing!!!
My finished project! It is so hard to choose from all the great options! I'm ready to go back again!!
Although I will miss Sarah living only 10 minutes away from me...I am so excited and proud of her and can't wait to see where this new journey takes her!!
Love you Rowe!


Visit to KC!

A few weeks back the kids and I packed up for a trip to Kansas City to visit my Bestie Lynette! It had been way to long and I was so looking forward to catching up! While we were there her niece Jensen had a Frozen themed birthday party and we were thrilled we got to go! What a fun party!!
There was even a special guest...Queen Elsa!! Elena (and all the little princesses) were in awe!  
 Dom thought it was cool too, but preferred playing with the trains and cars! :)
She told stories, danced with them and took them on an adventure!  
 and even painted their faces!  
 Elena went with a magic wand.
 and Dom went with a pirate ship! He thought it was great!
Picture time!! 
 Anna (Jensen) and Elsa (Elena)!  Happy birthday Jensen!!!
  They also played with Jensesn's makeup during the party and eveytime Elena came back downstairs her eyes eyebrows were a little pinker! Ha ha!
Later that night we hung out with Lynette's family and her parents brought over this huge poster that I had made for Lynette for her birthday back in college!! Wow is all I can say!!! Funny thing is some of the sayings on there we can't even remember what they meant! Ha ha ha! (Maybe we should write the ones down that we remember! lol - getting old stinks!)
 I had such a blast hanging out with these girls!! How I wished I lived closer to them so I could do it more often!!
 We also managed to do this ice bucket challenge while we were there -- check it out!
 after challenge popsicles!
 One more treat and some shopping before we headed home!
 This guy crashed immediately! :)
Thanks so much for the great weekend Lynette!! Love you and miss you so much!!


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