Color Me Rad!

Last year Elena and I did the Color Me Rad 5k and when I asked if she wanted to do it again she was so excited!! Here we are all nice and clean before the race...
Getting ready to get in the start line!
 To say she was excited that the first stop was pink would be an understatement! Ha!
My Mom came by to cheer us on (and give us a quick water break too! Thank goodness - I think Elena needed a pick me up!)  
 I was so proud of her! We didn't stop once this year and we even jogged a little of it! Go Elena!
 Not so clean anymore!
 Her hair looked like a rainbow!  
 On the way out to the car there was this giant chair and Elena insisted that we take pictures on it! :)
 One more car selfie before we headed home to shower!
 When we got home Dominic just started at us! And then wanted some eye black stickers too! Lol - so tough!
 Whew! It never felt so good to be clean! :) Had such a great time with my mini-me (and she is already talking about next year!)


Stearman Fly-In

 Each year Stearman has a fly-in where all kinds of planes fly in as well as cars, motorcycles, etc... We knew we had to go check it out for this little guy!
and this big guy always likes a car show too! ;)
 Nothing like fresh squeezed lemonade on a crazy hot day!
 Don't think this little man could have been anymore in heaven than this!
 Checking out the planes.
 We grabbed a seat and had some lunch...
 and headed right back out to the tarmac!
It was really hot but we all had a blast and can't wait to do it again next year!


Riverfest 2015 - part 2

Part II of Riverfest this year started with an awesome day-date with my hubby! Have I ever mentioned how amazing my parents are?? They are awesome and watch the kids so much for it and I really don't think I can ever express how truly grateful we are for them!!
 We started at a new taco and tequila bar called District Taqueria - it was delicious!!
 Then we hopped to a few more of our favorite spots we used to hit more frequently when we didn't have kiddos! ;)
 Later that night we picked the kids up and headed down to the Old Town Square for some fun in the fountains.
Who's crazy kids are these?! Ha ha ha.
Dom was a little chilly so I got some fun picture of him trying to do a ''tounge taco'' as we like to call it - almost there buddy!
This little guy has so many expressions!
 Wonder where he gets it from? ;)
We got the kids dried off and walked over to one of our favorite sushi places - Hana Café - yum!
 Then we ventured down to some more activites - mainly the ferris wheel! It had quite a line!
 Finally on it!
 My loves.
This quick video sums up what Dom thought about the ferris wheel - crazy awesome!

I mean it is a pretty awesome view!
Then we climbed on the tailgate of Robert's truck on top of a parking garage and watched the fireworks - perfect ending to a great day!


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