Daddy's Birthday!

Robert was out of town on his actual birthday but we made up for it when he got back a couple days later with a fun dinner at our local Mexican restaurant! Dominic thought the hat was great! :)
 Happy Birthday Daddy!!
 This is blurry but I love them!!
 And another blurry one - seriously, its not like I don't have a ''good'' camera now - don't know why I didn't get it out! We got him a couple new Cowboys shirts for his presents!
 We were all so happy to have him back in town and Dom especially liked extending his bedtime by wrapping daddy around his finger and cuddling with him. So sweet.
Happy birthday Babe! You are the best husband and daddy our family could ask for!!! :)


Bootanica {2014}

This year we decided to introduce Dominic to Bootanica! Last year was freezing cold and the year before he was just a tiny baby. With great weather in the forecast we decided this year would be perfect! The kids started out with a fun little pumpkin painting craft.
 Dom does not like getting messy fingers! Ha ha!
 After the pumpkins were orange it was time to splatter them with black paint!
 Glad that my mom came to help me wrangle these two! :)
 Dom always wants to see the train when we go. He could stay at this spot all day!
 A spider ring for Spiderman!
 Next was a game area - bean bag tossing...
 and giant Jenga! So awesome! The kids loved it!
 Not that one...
Oh no! Dom ran away when it fell - he thought he was in trouble! :)
 My little spiders
 Inflatable fun!
 and even amusement rides!
Botanica is so pretty in the fall! I forgot how many flowers are still blooming too!
 My little geisha girl!
 We need to work on his smile for pictures! He he.
 Painting with water.
 While we were walking around Elena found a flower with her name! She was so excited!
 Time to pick out their pumpkins! Dom was starting to get a bit tired!
 My mom took him for a ride in the stroller while Elena and I decorated these beauties!
 Worked like a charm!
 Since Dom fell asleep we decided to stay and venture around a bit longer. Elena made spider pops.
 We saw butterflies.
Visited a spooky graveyard. 
 and made masks! I feel like I look a little creepy here!
 Elena even got to make a fall crown.
 Dom woke up just in time to check out some owls -
 and go for a nature walk with gnome bingo!
 The kids had a blast and Dom did not want to leave! This was his I'm not moving from this spot face! :) Ha ha ha! Safe to say he liked Bootanica!
While I was watching TV a couple weeks ago I noticed an ad for this event and then I had to look twice cause it was Elena!! I paused the TV to take a pic! I couldn't believe it!! Here is my little TV star!
 This was from 2012! She has grown so much since then!!


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