Birthday Boy!

 This handsome little dude turned two years old on July 24th!!
We started the day out with some birthday donuts! He was so excited!
 Later that day we decided to hit up his favorite spot for dinner - Stearman Airfield! He was so excited and yes, most of his planes made the trip with us! ;)
My parents came out too and he was so excited that they were there and took them around to show them all the cool stuff!!
 We even got to hit the tarmac for some up close viewing. Little birthday boy was in heaven!
 And because he was just so darn cute running around the big planes with his little plane in hand a nice pilot came out and let him climb into the cockpit!!
Elena got to join in too! So fun!
Then we headed back for some yummy dinner and presents!
 Surprise...more planes! ;)
 He insisted on immediately playing with the toys. All of them...
We were able to pull him away with a little cookie cake though!!
Happy Birthday Dominic! You bring so much joy and laughter to our lives, we are so blessed!! Love you Bud!


Sunday Funday!

We've got this fun little tradition going called Sunday Funday around here. You know - just a fun family day where we get to enjoy each other's company! :) Usually it involves playing games somewhere like Chuck E Cheese's --
 or some type of ice cream treat ...
or bowling... 
 or even grilling...
 Sometimes even shuffleboard!!
I'm sorry - who replaced my baby with this little man??
 sometimes we even hit the driving range!!
 and usually more rides!!
 or playing at the park with friends!
No wonder Sunday is our favorite day of the week!!! :)


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