Another Topeka Visit.

Robert had to go to Topeka again for work so we decided to make a quick trip and visit again. This time we took the Coopster along because he unfortunately had to have surgery on a tumor on his leg. He was not a happy camper with the cone of shame.
The kids were so good with him!
Tired kiddos on the drive!
Cooper on the other hand - was excited for a road trip!!
We had plans to do this and that when we got to town but the kids saw the pool (and the parents saw the happy hour sign) and we decided to just hang out and have a nice relaxing evening.
Shirley Temples are a new obsession for the kids now ;)
We ordered pizza, snuggled and watched a movie - doesn't get any better!
What a crew we were! Ha ha! But it was great to be together!
PS - Cooper's surgery went great and he healed up perfectly! 


Baby Jets!

A few friends from college were in town so we decided to all meet up at the pool to catch up! Check out these adorable baby Jets! 
Dom was napping so he missed out on the photo shoot! 
 Hope they grow up to be life-long friends like their Mamas are!! 
Love these girls!! 

Slip 'n Slide fun!

 We broke out the slip 'n slide a few times in the summer and the kids just absolutely loved it!
Daddy likes to help give them an extra boost of speed! 
 So much fun!! 


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