USS Lexington.

One of the reasons we opted to stop in Corpus was because of the USS Lexington Museum on the Bay. It is a giant aircraft carrier that has been restored and turned in to a museum. When we heard there were 20 restored aircraft on the flight deck we knew the kids (especially Dom) would love it.
 Once inside there were tons of planes, artifacts, information - very interesting stuff - I'm sure without kids you could spend a long time there! ;)
 and it really is a ship at sea - pretty awesome!
Tight squeeze on the stairs as we headed up to the flight deck!
It was so awesome when we got to the top!
Can you say Dominic's happy place? Ha ha!
Even though this wasn't Elena's ''thing'' she seemed to be enjoying herself too. :)
He had to inspect each plane.
He also asked me to take a picture next to almost every single one!
 While we were on the deck a helicopter flew by - it was very cool and so close!
 Check out how big this propeller is!
He really liked this yellow plane and kept going back to it.  
 It really was pretty amazing to be up there with all the planes - I just can't even imagine being on this ship during wartime.
 We even got to go inside to see the huge guns shown by the kids in the pic below.  
 We were talking about how unbelievably loud it would be!
 We still had quite a bit of driving to do so we started to head out and hit a couple of the photo ops on the way.
As we were heading out and Elena needed to use the restroom so we headed below to find it...and I'm so glad we did! The restroom was decorated with all kinds of Navy Wave memorabilia which was exactly what my Grandma was in the war! I took lots of pictures to show my Mom. It was so interesting to see!!!
 My Grandma was one of the 389,000 that served during WWII! Pretty amazing! Not sure if Elena quite understood but what a great opportunity to tell her about her Great-Grandma!
 Of course the boys were in the gift shop when we got back. We considered buying one of these hats for Dom on the way out...
 But we opted for a poster of all the planes from the flight deck instead. :) A huge ship and tons of planes, this was the best museum ever for Dominic - he has already asked us many times if we can go back!
 The kids were nice and tired after the museum and we packed up and headed out to our final destination...


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