Craft weekend wasn't quite over...

When I got home from mthe kids were so excited to see me, but they were also jealous of all my great crafts -- so I let them have a little painting party and participate in craft weekend too! :)
 My little artists!!
They were so proud of their artwork!! :)


Craft Weekend {2015}

I was so excited for this year's girls craft weekend!! I had been waiting patiently for months and then it was finally here!
This time around I got to sleep in this fun bed - isn't it adorable? I didn't take a lot of pictures of the house this year since I took so many last year - you can check out last year's craft weekend here to see more of this amazing house!
This year Lindsay, Michelle and I were in charge of the opening night feast - so of course we went with Mexican!! :)
It was delicious!
and don't forget the margaritas! :)
Most of Friday evening was consumed but this tedious USA fabric project...
But they came out so great - this was definitely a lengthy project and didn't get finished until the next day! But now it's in Elena's room and she adores it - totally worth it! :)
The next morning the snow started falling...I guess friends, food, drinks and crafting makes for a perfect place to be snowed in at!
This tree slice chalkboard was another project - I love how it came out!!
and I painted another sign too...
After a long day of crafting we wound down with a delicious Italian dinner and lots of drinks and girl talk!
Can I just say how good this night was for this Mama's soul? I haven't laughed so hard that I cried in a long time! It was so much fun!
Can't wait until craft weekend 2016 ladies!!



Elena decided that instead of dance this year she wanted to do gymnastics! No argument here from me - nothing against dance at all but its just not my thing. ;) And this activity was one that Dominic could do to! Bonus! We signed up and were able to get them both in at the same time! Yay!
Dom was a little hesitant at first with "Nastics" as he likes to call it, but he has hit his stride and is loving classes now!
His favorite activity is definitely the rings!
and a close second is climbing up and jumping in the foam pit. :)
I usually don't get to see Elena that much since I am participating with Dom, but this night I was able to sneak out and get some pics of her doing her thing.
 She absolutely adores gymnastics - she has developed quite a passion for it and is constantly hanging and swinging in the backyard and trying to get better.
She mastered the ''apple turnover'' one day and even got a certificate for it!
I love that she truly enjoys going to gymnastics class and the other day she even said how she wished the class was longer! :)
 They were so excited when they got ribbons for completing their first session!
 We went out for pizza to celebrate them doing so great!!
 They are ready for the next session!!


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