Wet and Wild!

We've been beating the heat around here with lots of wet and wild fun! We hit up the splash park near our house one day...
 This guy loves a face full of water! Ha ha!
 Went to the big fountains in Riverside park another day...
 and have also been hitting up toddler time at the Y. (Its so great to be able to be there with only kiddos 5 and under! Perfect!)
 Playing in the water is hard work!  
Perfect way to tire them out and stay cool! :)


Our new evening ritual...

Since Robert got me an awesome bike trailer to pull the kids with for our anniversary - we have been taking bike rides down to our neighborhood pond and play area almost every night!!
Domininc especially loves to be here - looks like we should invest in some fishing poles soon!!!
Sometimes we opt to walk and let the Coopster tag along too! :)
We are getting really good at taking selfies too! :) :)


Frozen Meet and Greet!

When I found out that one of the Chick Fil A stores in our town was having a Frozen meet and greet I just knew I had to take the kids. They both (even Dom!) love Anna and Elsa and just about everything Frozen. We got there about 45 min before it was set to start and there was already a line about 10-15 people deep! So I hopped in line and sent the kids to the play area which was, thankfully, right next to the line. :) The line finally started moving and before you knew it we were meeting the girls! Elena was so excited!!
 I definitely wanted to make sure to get a picture of just Elena with them before Dom joined in. :) He was in awe -- he kept saying ''Anna, Anna!'' and the girls just laughed at how adorable he was. Quite the charmer already!!  
 I did take the nice camera too and got a couple better shots...
 Love this one!
After we got done the line was literally out the door and through the parking lot!! Crazy!
 We also ran into our neighbors/friends so we had a sno cone with them and went to grab some dinner (at a pizza place because inside the restaurant was just plain nuts!) Look at these cuties!!
Definitely more sno cone on the shirt than in the mouth for these two! Ha ha!
What a fun night and one that I know Elena will be talking about for a long time!! 


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