Easter 2011.

Here is my little sweetie in her lovely Easter dress~

We spent this Easter at my parent's house as usual this year. Elena had a blast dying eggs, she really got into it!

Robert grilled us a wonderful meal as we played around with the egg coloring~

After we ate way to much we headed out to hunt eggs~

My mom found some giant eggs that we filled up with lots of great stuff.

Elena got sooo excited when she spotted these giant eggs! :)

After we rounded up all the eggs we headed inside to check out all the goodies inside them.

As if the eggs weren't enough we also had an Easter basket too! This girl is not spoiled. At all.

The bubble gun ended up being the favorite toy of the day!

Then we hunted for eggs again, and again, and again! We hid the eggs for Elena, Elena hid the eggs for us...you get the picture. :)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your loved ones.



On Saturday night we took Elena over to do a little egg hunt with our good friends and also her buddy CJ. They had a blast looking for eggs, even though it was a little chilly!
Elena kept getting distracted by dandelions! :)
So what exactly is a cascarone? It is an egg shell filled with confetti! I had never heard of this tradition until I met my hubby whose family always does them. On an egg hunt when you find a cascarone you are supposed to smash it over someones head. It is supposed to be good luck for you and them!! Elena thought this was the greatest thing ever!
Elena and CJ ran all over looking for eggs. Elena kept asking if she could crack the plastic and real ones on people heads too! Silly girl!
A couple of times I even caught her cracking her own egg on her head! Lol!
Elena and CJ showing off their confetti-covered hair!
What a fun tradition that we will definitely be doing every year!



Yesterday Elena had her first visit to the dentist! She did extremely well!
First they went through all the tools with her and showed her what everything did and took her for a "ride" in the chair.

She was so brave, I even went into the other room to get my teeth cleaned and she was totally fine without me there! What a big girl!

She let them count her teeth (she has 20!), polish them, floss them and even give her a fluoride treatment!

Here's hoping that all future dentist appointments go this smoothly! :)



Last weekend we got to go to the Circus! Elena had never been and I don't remember ever going either so we were both pretty excited! I was also very excited because some good friends of ours just happened to have an extra ticket with seats in a skybox suite! Awesome! It was pretty cool to watch all the action from up above.

I think I may never be able to take Elena to a show without a skybox now - we were totally spoiled! It was so nice to not have to keep her constrained in one seat. She could watch the show for a little bit and then run around a play with her buddy Drake. It was great - especially when Drake's grandma bought the kiddos light swords! I think this was their favorite part of the whole evening! :)

At intermission we decided to take Drake and Elena to see the clowns and ride the elephants! You have to be at least 4 to ride the elephants so they were a little bummed, but the line was so long we wouldn't have had time to wait anyways. We did manage to see a couple clowns though~

I think I prefer the inflatable one, he was a little less scary! Lol!

There were a few more neat acts, like this one with a motorcycle contraption that suspended a lady in the air while spinning around a platform. This was pretty crazy - in the second picture she is only holding on by the tops of her feet!

Finally it was time for the part Elena had been asking about all night, the elephants! She yelled, "Look, It's Ellie the Elephant" as soon as they walked into the ring! Too funny!

We had such a fun evening! When I asked Elena what she liked the best about the circus she told me it was the animals! Guess we need to get out to the Zoo more when the weather starts getting nicer!


Happy Birthday T!

Today is my wonderful friend Marie's birthday!! This weekend Linds, Rowe, Elena and I took her out to dinner at P.F. Chang's to celebrate. Before we left we gave her a present - a really awesome pitcher and glasses set from Pier 1. She loved them, especially since they were her fave color, orange!

Hanging out at Chang's. The food was sooo yummy! :)

We forgot about it being prom season (good thing we had reservations!) and there were tons of girls there all dressed up. When we walked up Elena went "Oh Mommy look - Princesses!" she was so excited, it was absolutely adorable. She kept pointing them out through the evening and even went up to a couple girls and said - "Hi Princess!" :)

Tonight - we got together with some of Marie's close friends for some cake and ice cream. Here are all the kiddos singing Happy Birthday to her and helping her blow out the candle!

Abby, Elena and Little Molly clapping~

Patiently waiting for the cake to be cut~


These two little girls put away quite a bit of cake and ice cream, definitely as much as the big kids! :)

Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing people I know! You are a great friend and I am so blessed to have you in my life! I hope we get to spend many, many more birthdays together!



Before I get to our weekend of fun, I must share about something that I got to do with my good friends Lindsay and Kylie last week. I got to go to Winefest with them! This night was the Walkabout through Old Town - which means we got to walk around to all the different restaurants/bars/shops in Old Town and sample different wines and food! It was so much fun!!

It was a pretty night - though a little windy - and we had a blast checking out all the different spots on the tour!

Check out the Molley Trolley - too bad we didn't get to hop on for a ride! :)

There was even live music at some of the stops.

Kylie and I decided we needed a short break from the wine and grabbed a beer at one of the restaurants along the way~

Here we are sampling some of the meat at a couple stops - yes those aren't shots - they are cups of meat! Lol.

We decided to cap off the evening with a "big girl drink" (meaning a full glass instead of the small samples we were having earlier in the evening) at Oeno wine bar.

It was a great evening with great friends! Thanks for the fun night girls!!


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