Elena's 1st Piano Recital.

Elena has been taking piano lessons for a couple months now and we are so proud of how great she is doing and how much she enjoys it! This is her performance at her fall recital, she did great!!!



Whew! Did you miss me? Lol - we had a great family vacation to South Texas over Thanksgiving break! It was a lot of fun and I have so many pictures to share! But first let me catch up on the rest of November!! There was lots of playing in leaves when it was nice and warm at the beginning of November! The kids had a blast!
Even Cooper got in on the action! :)
We had a ton of fun with the new slow-motion feature on my phone but I haven't quite figured out how to those videos on the computer - I will have to share later if I can because they were so funny!! 


Halloween {2014}

Halloween was so fun this year! It had been gorgeous all week and of course the temperature dropped about 20 degrees on actual Halloween! Go figure! My kids were so excited to trick or treat!
 Dom had forgotten what exactly trick or treating was but Elena reminded him several times how it worked. :)
 Of course Mommy had to get in on the dressing up action!  
  Love these two!
 Daddy of course busted out his scary Freddy Kreguer hand - lol
 Blurry but so funny!
We had to keep asking Elsa to slow down so Olaf's little legs could catch up.
 Last stop was at our neighbors that do a haunted yard - spooky!
They told Dominic to say ''bad dog'' so the werewolf would sit down. Ha ha!
 Immediately inside they started warming up and checking out their hauls!
Then we had chili, watched Despicable Me and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters (which they loved just as much!) It was a great ending to a fun, busy day! Another Halloween in the books!


School Halloween Party.

Halloween fell on a Friday this year and my Mom and I were able to go to Elena's school parade and party while Dom napped with my Dad! So fun to see all the costumes - there were a ton of Elsa's but surprisingly Elena was the only one in her class!
For the longest time she didn't see us...
Then I finally got her to turn our way! :)
Then it was back to the classroom for the party!
 A little candy corn bingo -  
Bingo!! You hoo...over here! :)  
Coloring, snacks and goodies!
My mom and I made these fun juice box mummies - they were a hit!
Pin the face on the pumpkin! (with a modified blindfold-ha!)
Elena was so happy that Grandma got to come! :)


Just a big kid!

My husband bought this hilarious Wolverine costume a long time ago -- he has worn it several times for Halloween but this year he just had to get it out so we could take a picture of him and Dom dressed up with their ''muscles''! :) Have I ever mentioned that I'm pretty sure I take care of 3 kids?? :)  
 Their super powers?? Super-grilling of course! Ha ha.
 The funniest thing about this evening was that the only one left in their costume by the end of the night was Robert :) :) :)
  Oh how I love the fun, easy-going spirit of my husband!! I hope he never ''grows up" :)


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