zoo trip.

In September (we are still a month behind on here but I am slowly catching up!) the weather was amazing so we enjoyed time at the Zoo. It is getting more and more fun because Dominic is really starting to enjoy exploring and looking at the animals more! 
The tiger was napping right by the window!
 There are two new baby tigers too! But they are still in the maternity room - I can't wait to see them in person!
When the tiger was done napping I think Dominic finally realized it wasn't a stuffed animal! Ha! 
More fun stops at the fish,
grizzly bear,
and giant turtles.
 We also got to see this crocodile eat! It was so gross and the kids were just fascinated!!
Last we hit up the penguins.  
 Grandma always manages to avoid the camera but she was there too! I need to work on sneaking in more pics of her and the kids! :)  
 Fun times at the zoo!



My kids are fascinated by bugs! 
Mainly Dominic, but Elena is pretty into them too!
Another day, another bug!
 He is definitely all boy!


14 months.

Well another month has passed. It is so amazing how quickly time flies these days!! Dominic has made some big strides this past month.
- he now has 12 teeth! (Elena only had 1 by this time!)
- he is not talking to much but has mastered some sign language. He can do more, please and thank you!
- his words are getting better - new ones added this past month are; outside, his version of grandpa and grandma, tractor, huh, no, and uh-oh. Most of the time we just get grunts and pointing though :)
- he loves airplanes, when he hears on (even if he is inside) he immediately points straight up!
- he loves to play with his toy cars and push them all around, he puts them in and out of places constantly.
- he loves to read and brings us books constantly throughout the day.
- he is not picky with food and pretty much eats any and everything. The other day he ate 8, yes 8! chicken nuggets from Burger King! What?? I can't imagine this kid as a hungry teenager!
- he has also mastered the fork and always wants to eat with silverware now, sometimes he insists on one for each hand even!
- he adores his sister and always wants to be doing whatever she is doing
- when he hears a dog bark he immediately mimics and makes a barking sound
- he loves to play chase and will crack up if you start saying, I'm going to get you and take a couple slow steps towards him, he giggles and then runs away cracking up
- loves bath time and could spend hours in the tub
- he is so funny, he is always making us laugh with his silly faces, sounds and gestures!
- if someone is laying on the ground he immediately walks over and straddles you for a horsey ride - its so funny!
- we went to the carnival and I have realized that this kid is fearless - he rode on several rides and had a blast. It is hard to remember he is only 14 months old because he seems so much older!



This year I got to spend another day celebrating my birthday with my girls because my best friend Marie arranged and bought tickets for me to go with them to Midwest Beerfest!!  
We were all pumped to have a fun afternoon tasting lots of different kinds of beer!!
We were so excited when we got our tiny little beer glasses! :)
 As the event wound down we found ourselves having a little too much fun with the cardboard cutouts! :)
 Thanks girls for a great time celebrating my birthday!!



What day is it Dominic? Mommy's birthday! Woo hoo!
 Back in Sept I turned the big 3-2! I seriously can't believe it, and am having a hard time saying it. I mean in my head I am still 25! Where has the time gone?? On my big day I got off work early and was able to enjoy the Zoo with the kiddos and my Mom.
Dominic is so funny now that he can walk around and really see the animals! It is so fun watching him check out everything.
 We got to see the new baby calf -
 and feed some sheep and goats.  
This was D's first time and he was a little overwhelmed.
 Since we were still at the Zoo towards closing time we got to see all the animals in the farm area head out to pasture. It was a little animal parade and the kids thought it was great!
 Once last stop to feed the fish on the way out!
 Later that night we headed to check out a new pizza place and my BFF Marie came too.  
 She also brought me some ridiculously awesome cupcakes!! YUM!
 Then we headed back to my parents and had another dessert!! (I kept telling them the numbers were backwards but they didn't believe me!) 
 The kids enjoyed polishing off the cake and cupcakes for the next couple of days!
I also got one more birthday surprise - Robert had been out of town for work and got to come home early and surprise me on my birthday-yay!!


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