Chuck E Cheese's

Dominic got his first experience at Chuck E Cheese's last month and he is definitely a fan! He loved riding the kidding rides! Especially all the ones that were cars! 
Big sister helped him out on some of the rides too!
So fun!
Elena and Dominic both loved the baseball and football throwing games!
and Skee Ball is always a favorite!!
Hmmm....I wonder which of my kids had the most fun? ;)



The kids got some Build-A-Bear gift cards for CHrismtas so we took them to get a couple new friends. This was Dominic's first time! He and Daddy had a hard time deciding on which animal to choose.
They finally agreed on a cute shaggy puppy!
It took Elena about 2 seconds to decide on Rainbow Dash! ;)
 Since Elena is an old pro at Build-A-Bear she went first to show Dom how it was done.  
 Then it was Dominic's turn - he thought it was pretty fun to stuff the puppy!
 Meanwhile, Elena was getting Rainbow Dash started on the bath -
 He was happy with his new puppy!
and joined Elena to wash him up --  
 The puppy's head, not yours silly boy! ;)
Now Rainbow Dash and Arf Arf are the newest members of the Alvarez family!  


Bowling Fun.

We took Dominic for his first time bowling last month with my good friend MArie! The kids had so much fun!
 Dominic really liked pushing the ball down the ramp!
 and Elena did such a great job helping him and cheering him on!
The literally did this over and over and over! We didn't even need to be there - ha!
Elena didn't use the ramps this time and bowled all by herself! She had do much fun and literally rolled the ball over and over again! She would have stayed there all night!
She even got a strike all on her own!! Go Elena!!   
After we gave her several high fives for the strike - Dominic would turn around and throw his hands up each time he rolled the ball and shout yay! and them come give us high fives! It was so funny! As you can see below - usually the ball wasn't even down the lane and we had already high fived him! :)
We mainly let the kids bowl but of course Daddy had to jump in and throw a strike on his first throw! Show-off!
 Thanks to Aunt Marie for inviting us out for a fun evening!  
 Soon we could tell someone was getting tired... 
 Then it was time to head home. Of course when we told him it was time to go he didn't want to leave -- here he is telling us "No".
Don't worry big guy - we plan on coming back very soon! Fun time!


Monster Jam.

We decided to take the kids to Monster Jam this past month. Mainly because Dominic has such a love for big trucks!
None of us had even been and the kids were both very excited when we got there -
 But we soon found out just how loud these trucks were and Elena was not a fan. At all.
 Lets just say there were lots of tears until we doubled up on the protective ear wear - then she was better. Dominic on the other hand, had no problem with the noise! Imagine that - boys I tell ya! We doubled him up too just to be on the safe side!  
 I think Robert had the most fun of all though! He really enjoyed all the trucks and races!
  Its a good thing they had this massive sno cone at intermission or she might not have made it through the 2nd half! ;)
 The next part started out with the bikes and it is just insane with what they do on those bikes!! Check it out.  
and of course it was time for the big Batman/Grave Digger match up!
 This picture is so blurry but it captures Robert's excitement so well I just had to share! ;) What a kid at heart!
Elena had a much better time and even said she would like to come back! Lucky for us she has a great sense of humor and even thought it was funny when daddy was teasing her about all the tears earlier. ;)
 I have never seen a 1 year old sit so still and be so amazed by what was going on! It was unbelievable and he had such a great time! I think his favorite part was going down closer after it was over to watch the construction machines do their work!
All in all it was a really fun day - so nice to get to experience new things together as a family!


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