Alumni Basketball Game - aka - I'm getting old!

For the Newman Alumni basketball game this year, my former roomie/teammate Sarah and I decided to bust out our old school shirts that we had made when we were juniors at Newman. You like? :)
 Elena got to run around and play on the court before we got started. She was having a blast!
 Whew! Time for a water break :)
Then we got started. Let me tell you, I think the court got longer since I played there! HA! One time down and back and I was already breathing hard! There was one point in the game where I heard Elena yell, "Make a basket Mommy!!" I thought, oh man - I am embarrassing my 4 year old! :)  But it was really fun to play with my old teammates again! Hopefully next year there is an ever bigger turnout! (and it might be this old lady's last year playing!)
It was so funny to see Sarah and I's hubbys taking care of the babies while we played. Two good looking Mr. Mom's right there!
 "Exhausted" just barley begins to describe how tired I was! (I also forgot just how red my face gets when I really work out hard - guess I need to pick it up at the gym!)
Elena thought me playing basketball was great and if it gives her any sort of encouragement to play sports later in life then I say - mission accomplished! :)


7 months.

With all the crazy blizzard of Oz and snow days I lost track that Dominic turned 7 months on the 24th! Time is just flying by and this little man is growing up so fast! This past month he has learned lots of new things!
He has discovered his hands and feet and looks and stares at them and moves them around.
He almost has the whole crawling thing down - he is up on all fours and rocking away but he just can't seem to get his knees going forward. I'm sure that will be a milestone he reaches very soon!
He loves food! We have started mashing up some of what we have on our plates and he loves anything and everything that we have given him so far! His favorites? Definitely beans and chicken noodle soup!
Last doctor's appointment - which is now about a month ago! He weighed in at 20.5 pounds (85th percentile) and 28'' long (90th percentile). He seems to be slowing down on that crazy fast growing! (For now at least)
He has really been a great sleeper this past month, but that suddenly changed the past week. He was going to bed at about 8pm or so and sleeping til around 7am, then he would take about 3 naps a day. Lately he wakes up starving at 5am! I'm hoping this is just a growth spurt and he will grow out of it but we will see!
He has learned how to scream! I blame his sister for that one! :) He will yell and yell and yell, loudly too! If you do it back to him he keeps going. Hard to believe but I think he may be even louder than his sister! Yikes!
I can already tell that he is going to have an onery side to him in his personality! Just like his Daddy and Sister!
He still really loves music and he does not discriminate. Country, Rap, Oldies, Classical, you can play anything and he loves listening to it.

 Though he loves all his family members he seems to really be a mama's boy (which I definitely love!) I'm sure that will soon shift to Daddy once he gets older!
He was introduced to snow for the first time this week and he just loves it!
 The monthly photos are getting a little harder to take already - check out this little man ready to go!

Elena also usually wants in on at least a picture or two when I'm taking them. This time I don't think Dominic felt like sharing the spotlight! :)
He is a very happy and content little guy. We have to shuffle him around with our busy schedules and he has no problem with it.
He loves people, not just his family, but anyone that will look at him and smile. When we are out and about he will just look at people until they look over at him and then he will flash them his big chubby cheek smile.
*photo courtesy of Miss Elena - good job Big Sis!
Happy 7 months little man! You are a joy to be around!



On Saturday we decided to take advantage of all the snow and go sledding with our friends and their kiddos. We bundled up and headed out!
While we waited on friends to arrive we had a snowball fight and built a snowman.   
Then we hit the slopes - or hills I should say! Elena was so excited!
She loved it! What a little daredevil too, not afraid of anything!
Now who's idea was it to go down the hill with the frozen river at the bottom I have no idea - not my first choice! But there were no casualties! Thank goodness!
I swear, Robert is an even bigger kid than the little ones! I'm not sure who had more fun!
Sofia - was not a fan at first! :) But she warmed up after a little while.
Then we went to a taller (and safer!) hill on the other side of the park. Made this mama much happier!
Snow much fun!! ;)
These kiddos, and their big kid parents, had a blast sledding together! What a fun afternoon!!


Blizzard of Oz!

On Wednesday morning it started snowing this week, and it didn't stop until pretty much Friday! The 2nd biggest snow storm we have ever had here in Wichita! On Wednesday while there was a lull in the snow Daddy and Elena built a pirate snowman! :)

D watched from inside but I did grab a little snow to let him know what sister and daddy were playing with outside. :)
When we woke up the next morning this is what our backyard looked like! Holy smokes! 14.2" of snow! Wow!! So thankful that Robert's boss told him to stay home and that I was able to rearrange my schedule and work from home too! 
The first thing Elena wanted to do was go play in the snow! Can you blame her?  
Since there aren't exactly any hills close - Robert pulled Elena around the yard and down the icy street to sled! 
I even decided to get my little man or should I say my little bear out to check out the snow! He actually loved it!
This picture looks like trouble!
After we went inside and we warmed up with hot chocolate and a fire!
Of course after she could feel her hands and feet again she wanted to go right back out!
Catching snowflakes
and since he enjoyed it so much the first time I got Dominic all bundled up again and sat him on our patio table. He just giggled and giggled! 
The next day I got to work from home again - yay! But it was so stinking cold, so I decided to bring the snow to the kids! :)
 I even got some food coloring and paint brushes out for Elena to ''paint'' the snow!
 After Dom got up from his nap he joined in on the fun too! He wasn't so sure about it at first...
...but then he went for it.
and it promptly went straight to his mouth! :)
They had a blast and momma got to stay much warmer too!
But it only lasted for so long until someone was ready to go out and brave the cold!
She begged for me to bring the snow back in all day. At least it made working from home and entertaining her much easier!
After Daddy got home from work Elena helped him shovel snow, too cute!
and then Daddy built himself her an igloo! :)
Get ready, there are going to be lots more snow pictures to share because apparently we are supposed to get another 6-15 inches again early next week! Yikes!


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