Halloween {2013}

We started out Halloween this year with ghost pancakes and orange milk!! Yum!
Then it was time for school and I packed up some (non-candy!) pumpkin treats for Elena's class party!!
Elena was having a blast and loved the Grandma, Dominic and I came to join her!
All the kids in Elena's class adore Dom, he is like their class mascot! :) He sat right down with the big kids to listen to at story time!  
Then it was time for pin a bow tie on Mr. Bones!! How cute is that? 
patiently waiting to trick or treat in the halls!
 and they're off -  
 He loved it!!
 Time for all the goodies!  
So much fun!!  
After I got home from work that night we had another spooky meal - mummy pizzas!!  
Dom even helped!!  
  They thought it was so funny! :) Silly kids!
After we got our bellies full it was time to head out to trick or treat!! We had one finishing touch for Elena's cowgirl outfit - a blingy belt buckle! :)  
 They were not feeling the posing - definitely ready for some candy!!
Dominic was a little unsure at first but after he saw Elena get candy he was all about walking right up to the door and giving a big cheesy grin! :)
 They were so cute!!  
 Checking our their loot!
 After a trip up and down the street we called it quits - they had plenty of candy and it was starting to get a bit chilly! At home we relaxed and enjoyed a couple pieces of candy! (in their adorable spider shirts we made at the Halloween party in KC a couple weekends ago!)
Definitely time to brush away all that sugar! Ha!
Happy Halloween 2013!


Halloween fun!

 Halloween is stretched over so many days now! 
 It is definitely not a one day event like it was in my childhood! This year we decided to paint some pumpkins early on in the month -- Elena loved it!
After we got some more pumpkins at the pumpkin patch it was time for some pumpkin carving. Sarah and Jack came over and we had some yummy chili and then got to work!
Elena was so into it this year!
Jack on the other hand...
not so much! Ha! Poor guy!
 Meanwhile...Elena even used the carving tool this year!!
 The boys decided they would rather play than carve!
 Our masterpiece!!
Activity #2 was a Halloween party at our local library. Took the opportunity to get some good pics of the kids all dressed up and in the daytime!
Grandma came to join in on the fun!  
 The library had treats and games and lots of fun!
Last Halloween activity -- fall fest at a nearby church. We met up with our friends and the kids had a blast!
 Chose not to make Dom wear the monkey suit for this one!
Silly boys!
Games and more games! (Elena loves games!)
Whew! And we still have Halloween night to go!


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