Mermaid in training!

Last year I got Elena a fun mermaid fin because she loves to pretend to be a mermaid (and I always wanted one as a kid - ha!) Well she used the heck out of it and it cracked and was being held together with duct tape!
 So this summer we decided to give her a little mermaid upgrade!!
Yup a full tail made out of swimsuit material! She is obsessed (and frankly so am I!) It works great, she loves it and I found it for a pretty reasonable price compared to what some tails sell for! Apparently she is not the only one obsessed with wanting to be a mermaid!  
Oh, and did I mention they have them in American girl doll sizes too? Sold.
I ended up purchasing a Shimmertail - in case you have a mini mermaid in your pool too! ;)


Visiting Daddy in Topeka!

Daddy had a big turf job in Topeka this summer so one weekend we decided to pack up and head to visit him! So glad it is only a couple hours away so we could go and visit! I decided to take our bikes to hit some trails while Robert was working during the day - the car was packed just a little tight!
 and this makes it all worth it. Makes my heart want to burst!
We arrived late Friday and went to check out the field - the kids loved running around on it!
 I thought it would be fun to take a picture by their upcoming age - Elena was feeling it...
Dom was not...
 My little track stars!
 I had to get an aerial view of the progress...coming along!  
We had a little too much fun on the field! :) The kids told me how to introduce them - lol.
 Needless to say this wore Dom out!
 We decided to grab some food with Auntie Linds (Can't believe I didn't get a picture!!) and then headed to the park.
 Then Linds took us to an amazing ice cream place - and I can't even remember the name :( But I do remember how delicious it was!!  
 Linds was nice enough to let us invade her house since Robert had to be up super early for work. Love ya Linds! (See I told you she was there!)
 The next morning we headed out to ride our bikes for awhile, then we grabbed some lunch with Daddy and decided to hit the art museum.
 After naps we got to meet up with Daddy for dinner! Cool cat baby -
 We decided on Buffalo Wild Wings and dominated some trivia! I'm telling you Elena is the best guesser in the entire universe! She has legitimately beat Robert and I more than once!
 But I took home the gold tonight! I mean it was music trivia - that is my best category! Ha!
 We went back for a dip and to relax in the hot tub.
 The next day we did a little shopping, had one last lunch with Daddy and hit this great park one last time. We even did the train ride!
 What a great trip! We got to do some fun things and spend some much needed time with Daddy! :)


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