We are recovering from an awesome art birthday party!
More to come...


2 months

My big boy is 2 months old!!
He has grown so much in the past month - what a chubby little monkey!
He has started smiling!! I forgot how awesome it feels for them to look up and recognize you and smile (I have teared up more than once just from a little smile!)
He has started sticking his tongue out - so funny.
He is fascinated with his sister, mommy, daddy and grandma and grandpa's voices. He will just stare in awe at our faces when we talk to him.
Speaking of talking he has started cooing and trying to talk back to us - I love it!
He definitely looks like a mini-me of his daddy! :)
Just this last week he started sleeping much longer at night. Yay! Not consistent enough to say he is sleeping through the night yet but almost!
He now drinks 6 - 8 ounces of formula in a bottle! (No wonder he is so chunky)
Is starting to like his baths - and even kicks away in the tub.
He still loves being outside - it is so calming to him.
Has finally grown out of the fussy stage. (a couple trips to the chiropractor have seemed to help tremendously)
He is a very content and happy little boy!  

Happy 2 months little guy!


Soccer - take two.

Reasons why I think this may be the only season of soccer for Miss Elena:
1. She sticks her hands out to the side like a girlie girl when she runs
2. She squeals at the ball when it is near her and usually runs away from it
3. She would rather talk to the girls on the other team than get the ball from them
4. She told us she just wants to have practice, not play in games
5. She says its really hard to be aggressive
6. She will randomly stop what she is doing in a game and start spinning around in circles
7. She was a little sick the other day so we let her nap and decided not to wake her up for her game but to let her rest. When she got up Robert told her she was sleeping so good that we hated to wake her for the game. She replied - I slept extra long so I wouldn't have to go to my game!!
Other than that I got some really cute pictures from her last game. In some it actually looks like she is being aggressive too! :)
She is fun to watch once I let go of my competitive nature (extremely hard by the way!) and I would like to point out she is not doing the head stand below - but I thought it was too funny not to take a picture of!
Dominic really likes being outside and watching his sister play soccer. He will just happily sit and stare at the game the whole time!
Go Layna Go!

We will see how the rest of the season goes! :)


Arboretum Wedding.

I'm a little behind on this but my co-worker (and friend!) Tammie got married a couple weekends ago! She has a beautiful ceremony at a beautiful arboretum! Elena and I had lots of fun exploring!

There was this awesome tree swing that Elena loved!
 There was also a neat tree house, with a really great view of the arboretum!
Congratulations Tammie and Chuck! So happy for your both!!



This year I turned the big 3-1 and had a blast celebrating with my girls at the new dueling piano bar in town! It was so much fun!!
 These next few pics are blurry, but I think you can tell Marie has some serious Michael Jackson moves going on! :) Impressive.
 I'm sure Linds and Ky will hate me for this but it was too funny not to share this sequence of pictures.
 1. K-State fight song 2. KU fight song 3. Back to K-State fight song :) 
Once again, this place was awesome! We will definitely be going back!!
Thank you girls for a fabulous night!!

 On my actual birthday Marie took me and the kiddos out for dinner since the hubs was out of town, what a sweet friend!!
I am very excited to see what this next year in my life will bring!!


1st Soccer Game.

Elena's 1st soccer game was last weekend! Oh my word, who knew you could get so worked up about 3 year olds playing soccer?? :)  
 Even though the pictures below make it look like Elena was actually doing something, I can't tell you how many times she just looked at the ball and watched it roll by! I don't know why, but it was so frustrating that she wouldn't go after the ball! Maybe part of it was this was the first game or that they were playing kids 2 years older or maybe she didn't like running in her huge dress jersey. ;) Whatever it was, I hope she tries to go after the ball a little more next game or this will be the longest season ever!
She did look like she was having fun at least (well when she wasn't looking over at me and telling me that she was running out of energy!)
She perked right up after the game when it was time to run through the tunnel though! I'm pretty positive this was the highlight of the game for her (and the rest of the girls too)! :) Ha ha!
 I just need to keep telling myself that the main thing is that she has fun playing and makes some new friends along the way. I think she is doing that just fine.
Go Blue Lightning!


BIG boy!

Dominic had a doctor's appointment last week. I was very interested to see his height and weight because it seemed like he grew so much the past few weeks. Here he is in the waiting room :) So sweet!
He was a happy little guy hanging out and waiting for the doc.
He weighed in at a whopping 13lbs 6 oz! Which at 6 weeks, is the 97th percentile!!! He is also 23 1/2 inches long which is the 90th percentile! WOW! Can you say big boy?? My goodness - I didn't think he was quite that big. He is pretty much the size of most 3-4 month olds already! Lets just say Daddy is already thinking about his football star - lol!
  He also had to get a couple shots :( You would think there was plenty of padding in those thighs but he cried so hard - I hate that feeling! Also - if you noticed his belly button, he has an umbilical hernia which the Dr said causes no pain and will fix itself before he is one. But for now he has quite the outie! (and it makes a funny squishy sound when you push on it - which Elena likes to do!)
I looked back at Elena's stats just to see how big she was at this point - I don't have 6 week numbers but at 8 weeks she was 11lbs 8 oz (70th percentile) and 24 inches long (95th percentile!)
I'm certainly glad to have healthy babies! 



~ September 5th, 2012 ~
Miss Elena was so excited to start preschool this year! We switched from Tu/Thu class like last year to M/W/F this year. She has the same teacher but a few different classmates which is great! I surprised her on this morning with pink milk and pink pancakes (with sprinkles!) She LOVED it!
After the pancakes were gobbled up I remembered that Elena had received a little homework project at her open house that I had totally forgotten to have her complete! Whoops - better not make that a habit already! So she got to work drawing away. 
She drew Mommy, Daddy, Dominic and Cooper for her family (Daddy was already at work which is why he was outside the house) and check out her super long orange hair in her self portrait - silly! She drew chicken, shrimp, broccoli, pancakes and ice cream for her favorite things to eat. For her favorite activities she went with swimming, playing dress up and playing with her doll house (pretty darn accurate!).
Then we had a little photo shoot to commemorate the day! (I have no idea where she is getting these poses from!)
 I can't believe how big my baby girl is getting!
 Check out the difference a year makes! It's crazy how fast she is growing! Here is last year's post about her first day if you want to check it out.
I have a feeling this is going to be a great school year for her!

Last swim

It's always bittersweet when it is time to close the pool for the winter. Happy to have cooler temps but sad that Elena's favorite thing to do will go away for months! Guess it's time to get back to the Y pool or start up swimming lessons again! She would swim all winter if we let her I bet! Blue lips and all. :)
Here's to another great summer by the pool. I think whenever we end up moving again, our next house will definitely have to have a pool!!
I am looking forward to next summer though - I am sure that Dominic will love the water just as much as Elena does!!


Birthday Fun.

This Labor day weekend we got to spend time celebrating not one but two birthday's. CJ turned 3 and Estela turned 2! They had a fun beach themed party! (and who doesn't love 2 different cakes!!)
The kiddos all went crazy for the snow cones! (and some of the big kiddos too!)
Pinata time!
Of course there must be a beach at a beach party! The kids went to town playing in the sand all day!
Robert and some of his good friends - so glad that all our kiddos are growing up to be buddies too!
Dominic slept alot through the party but did get some lovin' from Xavier and Estela - so sweet!
Happy Birthday to CJ and Estela! What a fun party!


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