9 months!

Little Miss Elena Rae is 9 months old today!! I can't believe how fast this has gone! Some things that she is up to now:

  • she loves to climb and crawl on any and everything! What a little monkey!
  • she still has NO teeth!! - which would explain why she chews on everything!
  • she has been saying ma ma ma for a while but now also says da da da!
  • she is pretty much always happy!
  • she like to watch Dora the Explorer - and will stop whatever she is doing if she hears Dora's voice!
  • she likes to wave to everybody!
  • she is just under 20 lbs.
  • she pulls on her right ear when she is tired.
  • she absolutely loves swimming!
  • she is obsessed with buckles: on her car seat, the high chair, etc... she will play with them for hours I swear!

  • she loves to eat!
  • she loves books, out of all her toys the first thing she grabs is always a book!
  • she is constantly go-go-go and never slows down!
  • she has definitely found her voice and is always talking or screaming!
  • she loves to be the center of attention, if people clap or laugh she turns around to see if they are looking at her - hilarious!

Happy 9 month birthday baby girl! Love you!


The Lake.

On Sunday we went out to our good friends Mary and Nathan's family lake. We had never taken Elena to the lake before so we were very excited. It was a beautiful day, not quite as hot as it had been all week, just perfect for the lake! Elena seemed to want in the water from the very beginning.
Elena and Drake (who is 4 days younger) playing.
Robert getting ready to hit up the Jet ski.
Though I am not on the jet ski in this picture I did get on with Robert shortly after. Let me just say that these are not normal jet skis - they get up to 80 mph! They are so fast! It was kind of scary but very very fun!!! We got it up to 70mph with both of us on it! It felt like we weren't even touching the water - so cool!

Elena and Drake enjoying a snack...

and a beverage!! Ha ha -- can you tell these are Mary and I's kiddos?! Too funny!
We got Elena a new pink life jacket for the occasion! -- Looks like it will fit for a while! :)
Us on the boat. Don't worry we were stopped and the life jacket was right next to me.
We were taking Robert out to try wake boarding. Now he has never done ANYTHING behind a boat so he was a little nervous. So we had Nathan's friend show him how easy it was:
Are you kidding me?? This guy was amazing!! Here he is giving Robert some tips.
At first there was a lot of this:
But then this happened:
He was so excited! Great job babe!
By the time we were back Elena was worn out from cheering on Daddy.

We had a blast and hope to get back out there several more times this year!!


Pool Party.

Friday we had some friends over to my parent's house to BBQ and swim. We had a really fun time. This was one of the first times Robert has been able to swim with Elena in the pool. He and her both loved it!

It was a beautiful evening and the pool was so nice!

Of course the grill master was cooking as usual.

Drake and Elena really liked the potato salad -- what a mess!!

So we jumped in the pool to clean off after! :)

Too sweet -- she has her arm on his shoulder!


Big Pool.

Yesterday we got Elena into the big pool for the 1st time! She had a ball! What a little water baby I have!!

She had fun playing on the steps:

And swimming with Grandma and Mommy:

We finally got her out and undressed and she wanted right back in!

This summer is going to be a blast!!


My Dad.

Happy Father's Day to my dad Sam! I love him very much. He has been a great dad all these years and now he is an amazing Grandpa to Elena and that just makes me love him even more!

Look at Miss Elena ready to walk -- I'm sure she will be before I know it!

I got him a mug with Elena's picture on it and a cute onesie for her to wear that says Grandpa's Sweetheart.

And guess where my dad wanted to go...yup Sumo! Big surprise! We also went with the Pickett's and their folks, who had never been. They thought it was pretty entertaining!
What a difference 3 months makes, my very 1st blog also included a trip to Sumo! Elena has changed so much since then! She was very into watching the cook do his thing. She was also yelling at him too! Vey funny!

Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you.

1st Father's Day.

My wonderful husband is out of town on his very 1st Father's Day. :( He is missing his baby girl tremendously so I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures of him and Elena. He is a great dad and I love him very much! We can't wait until he is home!

Look at this - exact same sleeping position! Too cute!

Happy Father's Day Daddy! Love, Elena


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