2013 was pretty awesome...

A look back at 2013 via Instagram -
Happy New Year! Looking forward to what 2014 has to bring to our family!!


Decorating the tree.

I love decorating our tree (a real tree!) each Christmas. Its so fun that the kids are starting to enjoy it more and more too. Dominic helped check the lights!
and Elena is becoming a pro at ornament placement! 
Dom even hung some ornaments all by himself!! It was adorable.
and he was so excited! ;)
Time for a snack!
and an outfit change??
Of course Rapunzel mermaid had to help decorate!
As I was taking pictures of Elena by the tree Dom went up and stood next to it too! Take a picture of me Mommy! So adorable and I love his expressions in these!
Ta da!!! It looks great!
and a perfect ending to the night, watching The Polar Express - in jammies - in front of the fire - right next to the tree. Perfection.


Santa's Arrival.

In all my 32 years living in Wichita, I don't remember every going downtown for the Mayor's Christmas Tree lighting and arrival of Santa. I head about it on Facebook and thought the kids would like it, especially when I found out there would be fireworks!! We arrived a little after the lighting had already happened...bummer. It was so pretty though!
But we got there just in time to see Santa arrive in a fire truck! Elena was so excited! She was waving at him like crazy.  

Then they started the fireworks! Holy moly - this was the longest show ever! It was awesome!
 Clapping after the finale!
 We also got someone to take our picture in front of the tree! And not only one, but two pictures came out really cute! Yay! (Tip: always look for someone with a nice camera of their own to take your pic!) :)
 What a great start to the Christmas season!!

Family time.

Here are lots of fun pics of us enjoying family time over Thanksgiving.
 Did I mention Tio Pete brought quite a silly Cowboys mask?
It was pretty creepy.
 Julyssa straightening Elena's hair.


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