Crystal Bridges.

On Saturday we decided to venture with the kids to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. It was a gorgeous day! The exhibits inside and the architecture of the museum were stunning! Oh and did I mention it is free! Amazing! (and thank you Wal-Mart!)
Our tour guide.
Along for the ride! ;)
Such silly boys!
We decided to venture outside on the trails first.  
So much to explore!
There were hiking trails too! One even leads to a waterfall - we are totally doing that next time! After a little while we decided to head back inside. Elena was actually very into the art exhibits! The boys were not but at least they had each other to hang out with ;)
She wanted me to make sure and take a picture of this one!
Then we came across this amazing kids area!!
This place was awesome - so much to do!!
Me and the kiddos handprints :)
Elena made this for Dom :) and she colored it ;)
A quick puppet show before we headed out to explore some more parts of the museum.
So pretty!
Then we came across this awesome crochet display - so neat!
I think the kids were getting a little tired - if you can't tell...;)
A bit more exploring before we left for the day - there is just so much to see!
I fell like these look like toilet bowl cleaners...right? Well I guess its art - ha ha ha.
This giant piƱata cracked us up! And the boys thought it was the coolest.
This was such an awesome place! I highly recommend it if you are near NW Arkansas! We will definitely be going back soon! There are also opening up a new children's museum this summer! Yay!!


A visit to Arkansas!

Well we made it to Arkansas in a record 4 hours! With no bathroom stops!! I kept asking Elena if she needed to stop but she was on a mission to get there without stopping! We are working on potty training with Dom and he totally had to go when we hit a stretch of no exits (with an hour left to Sarah's house)  - I told him to go in his pull up and he didn't want to - mommy fail, but at least that is very encouraging!!
The next morning was valentines day and we started out with some Mickey pancakes! We had 4 happy kiddos on our hands!
The kids had so much fun just hanging out and playing together! :)
We went to an amazing art museum (which is totally getting its own post!) and then Sarah, Elena and I went to lunch and exploring downtown Bentonville while the little ones napped. :) Photo courtesy of my photographer in training (never mind the cute 6 year old thumb ;)
There were some adorable little shops and we got some fun one-of-a-kind goodies!
We had a yummy grilled dinner with Sarah's parents and then gave the boys a bath --- too fun!
and E got to check out Sarah's Jacuzzi tub - I am so jealous I didn't have time for one too!
Cheers to hanging out with best buddies!! :)
Next up: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art!


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