This weekend we bought Elena a potty chair. We don't really think that she is quite ready for it yet but we thought we would get one so that she could get used to it and understanding that it is for her to go potty in. She sat on it a couple of times with her clothes on and thought it was pretty fun. She even sat on it and then tapped on the big toilet and said "caca" - so we think she is understanding it's purpose. Tonight I went in to use the bathroom and when I walked out and shut the door she had a fit and wanted to go in and sit on her potty. So I let her and then I explained that the real way to use it is to take off her pants and diaper and then go pee pee. So I took them off and she sat right down and peed in it!! I was literally shocked - and still am to be honest! She even said "pee pee" when she was done!! It could be a fluke or just really good timing but I am so proud of her and hope this is a good sign for the potty training to come!!


  1. That is awesome Molly! Lunden loves the big potty, it is so funny how he holds himself up! Great Job Elena!!!!

  2. That is SUPER exciting!

  3. wow, that is such a big step! Hope she's as easy as Lilah was - sounds like it's gonna come pretty natural for her. You'll actually find that at first, it's MORE work than just changing her diaper. But, over time, it's all worth it!


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