Bowling Fun!

We got the chance to go bowling with our great friends a couple weeks ago! I think the kiddos had more fun than we did! :) Here is a photo summary of the evening.

What a blast! So glad that these three are best buds! I see lots of fun times in the future!


Breakfast with Dora!

Not sure how I got so far behind blogging...oh yeah, two weekends packed full of stuff! So there will be quite a few posts coming your way in the next few days to catch up. First I will start back two Saturdays ago when we went to breakfast with Dora! Elena was so excited that morning when she woke up! First we had some yummy pancakes...

and then she got to meet Dora!

If you can't tell by the smile on her face - she was one happy little girl!

The breakfast just happened to be at All Star Sports and we got to ride all the rides after the breakfast! Fun times!

Even better - Elena is officially 36'' tall. Which means she is tall enough to ride the big rides with one of us!! Even the go carts!

Pound it ....and then explode! :)

What a fun day!!



Last week we went to a small traveling carnival with Elena. She had a blast! It is so fun that she is getting bigger and can enjoy rides and games like this more. I can't wait until she can ride roller coasters with me!! :)
My Mom came with us too and Elena insisted that she ride all the rides with her! She loves her "Mommo", as she likes to call her.

Funny, almost exactly a year ago I blogged about taking her to a carnival too! Hmmm...maybe it is the same one!



Last weekend we went to a charity fundraiser for Cowtown. It was a casino themed event and we had a blast gambling with our friends!
We got to hang out and enjoy playing blackjack, craps, and some texas hold 'em.

There was even a good ol' fashioned showdown!

It was a fun night for a good cause!


Tea for two.

I caught my Dad having a little tea party with Elena the other day and just had to snap a couple pictures! I know Elena will love looking back on moments like these down the road. Aren't they so sweet together? :) I adore these pictures!

Mother's Day.

This year on Mother's day the temperature reached almost 100 degrees!! And guess what the only thing my Mom wanted was on this day? To open the pool!! So that is what we did.

After the cover is taken off we have to clean off all the water bags that surround the pool to hold the cover down in the winter. These blue bags get pretty yucky throughout the winter let me tell you. But Elena loved helping us out!

Then she also helped fill the pool up. She couldn't understand why we weren't letting her get in and swim! It was (and still is!) soooo cold!

There is this little family of squirrels that always came down to drink water off the top of the cover. They were a little distraught that they couldn't reach the water anymore. Especially this little guy... Elena really, really wanted him to drink the water out of her little cup! :)

We are all so excited for the pool to warm up so we can start swimming! It is going to be a fun summer.


Josie's Shower.

The blogging website has been acting weird lately and I have been so busy that I have gotten a little behind on posting lately! So here is our trip to OKC from last weekend for my good friend Josie's baby shower. I played softball with Josie and she was also one of my roommates one of the years that we lived off campus. We went down with Scott and Sarah and had a little buddy riding with us in the back seat.

When we got to the hotel Robert and Scott went in to get the room keys. The lady behind the dest looked at them a little funny and asked - "Um... you guys just need one bed?" Ha ha ha! It was hilarious! So of course Sarah and I made the guys pose like they were going into the same room together! Glad they are good sports! :)

The guys dropped us at the shower and headed to the casino. We had a blast hanging out with Josie. Our other good friend/teammate/roommate from college Erin, flew in from Tampa to be at the shower too!

The shower was dedorated so cute! And they had one of the coolest things I have ever seen at a shower. They had videotaped the daddy to be, Murray, and asked him several questions. Then Josie had to guess what his answers were. A right answer got a gift off her registry and a wrong one got a "bad" gift (nipple cream, hemmoriod pads, etc...) It was so funny!

Present time!

Mel and Emily also made the trip down from Wichita to celebrate. It was so fun to have us all together again - just like old times!

We headed back to Josie's to hang out and bbq.

Erin has two little boys about a year apart! They are too cute!

Our boys finally made it back from the casino. Apparently they bonded while they were there - lol!

The weather was so nice so we sat on the patio and reminisced about college days. It was a blast!

Anytime we go down to OKC I insist on eating at Grandy's before we leave! They have the best cheesiest eggs ever! I so wish we still had them in Wichita. I remember going there for breakfast all the time when I was little! Grandy's did not dissapoint! It was unbelieveable yummy!

On the drive home there was a lot of Angry Bird action going on! :)

We had a very fun trip and are excited to meet Josie and Murray's little girl next month! They are going to be great parents!


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