Birthdays are definitely more than just a one day celebration! I always enjoy stretching the festivities at least into a week! :) I had to start my birthday week off out of town for work, but that meant I got to meet up with my bestie Linds for dinner! Yay! We ate at our favorite place in Manhattan, Coco Bolos and then had a couple of drinks and a donut nightcap!
 On my actual birthday (the 17th!) I got the chance to take Dom and meet Elena for lunch at her school. She was so excited and it was great to see what she experiences everyday at lunch. (Controlled chaos for sure!)
 Elena also made me a card that had me holding a sangria and her holding a ''kids'' margarita - too funny!! (note her lovely flowing cape!) :)
That night we met my parents and one of my best friends, Marie, for dinner at PF Changs - it was delicious!!
Dom sure loves his Papa!
The only thing that could have made this night better was if Robert was able to join us - but he's hard at work in Missouri. We missed having him here to celebrate! Guess well just have to go out to dinner again when he gets back - ha!
Back at home my parents had brought over a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake - aka Heaven!!!! ;)
I must say 33 is starting off pretty great!!
But wait, I said I get a whole week to celebrate right? That's right I also have a fun weekend road trip planned with my baby girl...more to come...


Painting Tea Party.

 Elena's best buddy (and also our neighbor!) Zeplynn had a fun painting tea party at Color Me Mine for her 6th birthday this year. She just happens to be exactly 2 weeks older than Elena. :)  
The girls were so excited to dress up and that they got to paint their very own cup and saucer!
Then it was pizza and present time! Little sis Ella was cheesing it up for me!
Cupcake time!!
 Silly girls!
 The aftermath... :)
 What a fun party!!
Happy Birthday Zeplynn!


Hall Family Reunion {2014}

Over labor day weekend we headed down to Oklahoma City for our Hall Family Reunion. My parents came with us and the kids thought it was so fun traveling with them!
 Slightly tired from the car ride! HA!
 There was lots of family fun on Friday evening and plenty of cousins to play with! (I took my nice camera but forgot it and left it in the car - sorry for the grainy pics!)
The family did some skits and a talent show and gave us some history on the Hall family. Even Uncle Jim and Diane joined in on the fun! 
We also had a "snowball" fight with giant marshmallows - Dom chose to eat instead of throw them!  
 That night a couple of my cousins met up with Robert and I and we ended up singing some karaoke at the hotel bar! Now that's one to remember! Lol!!
 Me, Lauren, Phil and Robert
Two kids, two adults and two grandparents in a not that big suite made for a couple interesting nights! Robert wasn't sure if he would be back from work so we hadn't reserved two rooms. ;)  
Elena really enjoyed playing with her cousins! Especially in the pool!  
 Dom is always up for the pool too!
 We headed to a massive shooting range right down the street for some afternoon fun. Dom wasn't sure about this lion.  
 and he started crying and saying Daddy, No! When Robert did this for a picture! Such a protective little guy!
There were a ton of shooting ranges, including a pellet gun range! The kids (big ones too) had a blast!
 Back at the hotel there were snacks and card games and family photos to look through.
 and even a color coded family tree so the kids could understand better how we were all related (great idea!!) Our poor brown branch is pretty bare ;)
We joined some family for dinner out that evening and afterwards we couldn't turn down this magical carriage ride around Bricktown!! Elena was in heaven!!
 all the kids loved it!
 Seriously, so excited!
 Carriage selfie! :)
 My little princess, waving at the ''commoners''. :)
 Just when she thought it couldn't get any better...she got her very own glass slipper when the ride was over!!
 Then we walked around the awesome Bricktown area for a little bit - such a cool water walk area.
Our 2009 reunion was also here and it was so much fun!! I cant believe how much this area (and our family) has grown!! Here is a link to the last reunion in 2011 parts 1 and 2 also - time sure does fly by!!


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