Massive May Catch-up!

 May ended up being one of the busiest months ever!! So in the effort to catch up I am going to summarize all of the busy-ness in pictures! At least up to Memorial Day Weekend, then I should be back on track! May included ~
Cinco de Mayo - :)
Start of the 3rd trimester!! We are getting so close!! Had a final sonogram and he looks like he will have very large feet with long toes - just like Daddy :) He is also already approximately 4.5 lbs with 9 weeks still left to grow! Yikes - he might be a big boy!
Mother's Day - Love my homemade gifts from Miss Elena!!
Last day of preschool!!!
A very long business trip to the Cincinnati area ~ I passed a huge test that I needed for work! Whew! So glad that it is over!! (This little trip also included bad weather and an unexpected overnight stay in Chicago - with no luggage!)
A good friend's wedding - including a penguin as a party guest! (Elena even got to pet him!)
Sofia's 1st Birthday!
Fun with friends at the lake ~
and with Grandma too!
Getting to hang with my Newman softball teammates for dinner!
A couple of back yard projects for Daddy and his little helper!
(More to come on these!)
and of course I can't leave out The Month of Lindsay...
Now you can see why it was pretty much impossible to blog! :) I must say that I missed having time to blog and am glad to be (almost) caught up!


5 years later!

5 years ago on April 27, Robert and I got married! I just can't believe how the time has flown! What's even more crazy is that we have been together for 9! We had big plans to rent a condo on Myrtle Beach for a week to celebrate but the little man in my belly has put a slight change in our plans! So instead we opted for a nice date night together while my parents watched Elena for the night.
 Elena wanted to be able to do this so bad that she practiced in the mirror until she could! :) We had to document it for her!
 We decided to try a couple new things this evening and ventured to a nearby town to try out an Italian restaurant I had heard lots of great things about, Luciano's.
 It was really yummy and definitely worth the drive! Check out this bowl that the salad came in - made of cheese!! Hello!
 We enjoyed our dinner and ended with a white chocolate creme brulee - which was wonderful!
 For another new adventure we decided to hit up the new casino! We actually had a really fun time and didn't lose too much! ;)
Happy Anniversary to my wonderful hubby! You are an amazing man and a wonderful father! I love you more and more everyday.


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