Boys and Cars...

To say this little dude has a love for cars and trucks and all things with wheels would be an understatement! More like a major obsession! ;)
I mean, he even has car slippers! :) 
We had an extra box and Robert drew a couple wheels on the side - you think it was a brand new toy! He sat in it everyday for weeks!
He is pretty much all cars, all the time.
I absolutely adore the way he says ''race car'', it is so stinking cute with the little lisp that he has. Robert and I make him say it over and over again. ;) Here is a cute little video of him talking about a couple of his cars.




The hubs and I got to enjoy an impromptu date night concert last month! We decided a couple days before that we would like to go see Eli Young Band and Darius Rucker (who will forever be known as Hootie to me!) in a neighboring town. Thanks to my wonderful parents who agreed to watch the kiddos and we were off!
The Eli Young Band was really great! Better than we expected!
I loved that he brought his little girl out on stage! So adorable!
Then it was time for Hootie! I'm telling you, I have loved his voice since the Blowfish and he did not disappoint! It sounded like we were listening to the radio! Loved him! 
and I really loved that he sang all of his old Hootie and the Blowfish hits! Yay!!
He was totally waving at us here! ;)
What an awesome night with my favorite man!


Botanica... ready for spring.

My Mom and I got to take the kids to Botanica to enjoy a (relatively) warm day. We went and had a picnic lunch and then let the kids explore!
Of course they had to hang on the rainbow bridge on the way out! :)
or try to anyway! ;)
I can't wait until nicer weather so we can really enjoy Botanica!! 


20 months!

20 months! How did we get this close to 2 years old so quickly? Here are some fun pics from the park this weekend!
Love this little man!!

Preschool Olympics.

We've had a lot of fun events at Elena's preschool lately and her Preschool Olympics were a blast!
She was so excited for the opening ceremony and walking down the hallway with her class of ''teammates" and her torch and flag!
Then it was on to the events! First up was the tricycle race!
Kickball racing!
Cheering with her teammates.
Intermission called for some ice cream!
Back to work - ring toss.
Hockey time!
Cheering on the sidelines...she was a little dramatic when she saw me taking a picture! Lol!
The last event was tug-of-war:
Elena's class won! :) Then they took on the parents - which was fun - those little kids have some strength! They ended up beating us too! ;)
Finally it was time for the medal presentation! So fun - all the kids were so proud!
Elena's class -
Elena was also extra excited that her Grandpa got to come cheer her on!


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