Backyard fun.

I snapped some fun pics of the kids playing in the yard a couple weeks ago. They were having so much fun! Their smiles and laughter were so contagious I just had to grab some pictures!
 This is his uh-oh face - I think the car might have lost a wheel!
 Even Cooper got in on a picture!
 Love these pictures of Elena being such a great big sister!
 It was so hot on this day - actually it was only about 75 degrees but when it has been so much colder lately it practically felt like a heat wave! So of course, I let the kids run in the sprinklers! :)
 Dom wasn't to sure at first but then he was so excited and happy - just like his big sister!  
 Monkey see...
...monkey do!
 Love the look of pure joy on his face in this one!
He is constantly pointing out planes in the sky!
My beautiful girl. 
 The neighbor kids saw us having fun so they asked if the could join - the more the merrier, right? :)
 As it started to cool off (and all the friends went home) the kids dried off and enjoyed even more outdoor fun!
 I love that she still gets these ringlets when her hair gets wet - still my curly girly!
and this little man is something else! So fun and silly to be around!  
Oh and did I mention ornery? ;)



While Anthony and Marisol and their son Andrew were in town, we decided to head out to one of our kid's favorite places Stearman Airfield! The kids even got to check out and sit in this plane! Awesome!
We had some lunch relaxed and discussed how awesome the George Strait concert was! :) Then the kiddos played and we enjoyed a tasty beverage. ;)
 There is something so awesome about sitting so close to the runway!  
 Then Mr. Dominic snuck out to see this amazing plane while the other kids were playing...
The owner even let him check out and sit in the cockpit! So cool!
He was so excited!
 What a fun way to spend the afternoon with the kids!


The King!!!!

Last November I decided to venture down and try to get tickets to see George Strait. I had no idea what to expect and was very nervous that I wouldn't get any. I just happened to get lucky though and ended up with...Front Row Tickets!!!!!!!!!!!  
 I was so pumped! My adrenaline was literally going for at least two weeks. Then I had to wait all the way until April for the concert to come! Then it was finally time! Our friends Anthony, Marisol, Lindsay and my mom got to come with us too! We had a little pre-concert dinner and drinks --
 Sarah also got to go too so she met up with us!
 Everybody was sporting their boots! (and yes, Marisol and I both bought new ones and just happened to by the exact same pair! What are the odds?!)
 We knew we had really good seats, but when we got there we realized they were pretty much unbelievable seats!! So excited!
 My mom was so excited too! (I think she is referring to the #1 daughter ever here! - HA!)
 This is blurry (and she probably hate me for this picture) but I love the excitement and disbelief on her face about our seats!!
 Waiting for George!
 Look how close he is!!!! It was unreal, it almost felt like he was singing to us and it was a private concert - lol!
 Did I mention we were really close? ;)
 Just in case you couldn't tell how close we were --- :)
 He was amazing - what a voice! And so, so many great songs! There is definitely a reason he is known as the king of country music!!
 Josie and Sarah got to sneak over and sit with us for a couple songs!
 Cheering him back on stage for an encore!
Of course he obliged. And I think he stopped to pose just for me here!!
 I did manage to get one really good video (meaning I remembered not to sing in it - ha!!)
I didn't think twice about this picture when I took it...
but then Robert's boss sent us this picture...
Look how close we are!! It didn't really sink in until I saw it from this angle - amazing!! Once in a lifetime experience and I am so glad I got to share this experience with my closest friends and loved ones!!


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