A Birthday and a half.

Ok -- so lately I have really been getting into reading all of my friends blogs. I think it is great that they will be able to someday look back and see not only pictures from their memories but also what they were actually thinking and doing at that moment in time. So I have now decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon and start my own.
I thought March 29 would be a perfect date to start because it is not only my dad's 62nd birthday but it is also my baby girl Elena's 1/2 birthday! She is officially 6 months old -- unbelievable! We had a very laid back day of laundry and Robert working on the basement but it was a nice Sunday. :) Here is the birthday boy and 1/2 birthday girl:
I also thought it would be extra special for Elena to sign Grandpa's card so I did a hand print so he could look back on it down the road -- pretty cute I must say~! We took my dad out to dinner at Sumo (the only thing he really wanted!) for his birthday with some really great friends of our family! It was so yummy! We had a really good time and it is always so great to watch Elena with new things. She was absolutely fascinated with the cook - could not take her eyes off his every move. It is so special to be able to see things through a child's eyes. The way everything is just so new and amazing really makes you take a step back and soak things in more than you would normally. Here are a few pics from the evening:

My parents, Sam and Teresa, and our good friends Nancy and Roy:
Elena fascinated with the cook:Marie, Sarah, Me, Robert and Elena: Since we got to indulge in such a great dinner I also let Elena give some carrots a shot! Yes, I actually waited the recommended 6 months until I started anything but rice cereal. I know some of you may think I am crazy for waiting but I was just following what the good ole' doc said to do. It made for some great pics either way! This is my new favorite picture of her! Love it!
Well that is quite a few pictures but I must say it was an eventful day! Wow -- now that I am done with that 1st post I must say I am pretty excited about this blog - I hope you are too!


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