Curly Girly.

Elena has some pretty curly hair most of the time, but sometimes after she wakes up from a nap the curls are on a whole new level!!



Today Robert raked up all the leaves in our backyard so Elena could jump in them - she had a blast!!


Trunk or Treat.

Today we went to a Trunk or Treat event, so Elena got to try out the cute little witch costume that we got her for Halloween this year! She didn't really want to put it on at first, but after she saw a mirror she loved it! :) Oh and she insisted on adding some silver beads to complete the outfit!
Of course I made her pose for a couple of pictures before we headed out~
She didn't really know what was going on when we first got there.
She was trying to hold everything that people gave her in her hands, but finally realized she could put it in her cute little trick or treat pail!
She really liked the fire truck!
This trunk had some disco music playing and she decided to stop and shake it for a little while! :)
It was so windy today, her cute little hat wouldn't stay on.
This bowl had one of those hands that reaches out to grab you when you reach in. It totally got her and she jumped back when it grabbed her! Too funny!
This was kind of a small event but it was a nice because it gave her a little sampling of how Halloween is going to be (she was a little too young to remember what happened last year!)
After we went to all the trunks, we went over to a pumpkin decorating area in a nearby shop. She thought this was pretty fun! (Check out those black nails! - It took Robert and I a good 30 minutes to get that done this morning - lol!)
I asked Robert to take a quick picture of E and I before we left - like mother like daughter I guess, the first picture my eyes are closed and Elena's eyes are closed in the second one! Oh well!
Elena had a great time today and she is going to have blast next weekend!


Play On.

On Tuesday night, I got to go to the Carrie Underwood Play On concert with my good friend Sarah! We were so excited! We went to dinner before the concert and ran into some of our good friends! So we enjoyed a tasty beverage with them and then headed to the show.

Billy Currington opened up for Carrie and he did a great job - I didn't realize how many of his songs that I knew and liked! I also didn't realize he had this much curly hair! :)

Between the acts we ran into even more people that we knew, including our good friend Mary.

Then it was finally time for Carrie, and she was amazing! Her voice is incredible, it was like hearing her on the radio! She was quite the performer too!

This was one of the coolest parts of her show~ the background started showing this...

and then she rose out of the stage in a truck! And flew over the audience too!

She did a duet with Randy Travis singing on the screen behind her and it was almost like he was really there!

I really liked this part where her dress actually lit up and projected a light show on it - very awesome!

I had a blast and am so glad that I got to enjoy the show with one of my best friends! Thanks for everything Sarah!!



Elena has met some pretty neat little creatures this fall. :)
She is pretty fascinated by all animals and insects!

Flashback Friday - still related.

I know I have showed you in the past how much Elena resembles my mom in a few of her baby pictures, but after I snapped this picture the other day I knew it looked just like one of my mom's pictures again! What is funny is that I don't really feel like I look like her very much - not now or in my baby pictures either! Genetics are pretty amazing aren't they?! :)

Oh and that 2nd picture is from my Mom's 2nd birthday too! :)



10-10-10 -- what a cool birthday right? Well, it just happened to be my mom's birthday this year!! We hung out with her on Sunday and took her a couple presents, which Elena enjoyed 'helping' her unwrap! :)

After dinner and some yummy cake, we noticed this amazing rainbow outside!! What a great birthday present!
Elena was pretty fascinated by it! (and so were we!)
You can even see a double rainbow if you look closely!
Robert's birthday just happens to be the 12th of October so we decided to go ahead and give him his present tonight too -- a fire pit! He has been wanting one for a long time!

He has already got plenty of use out of it!
No worries, he got a yummy cake on his special day too! :)
Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom and Hubby! I love you both so much!


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