21 months!

I'm having a hard time believing this little girl will be 2 in just 3 short months!!



This weekend we got Miss Elena her very 1st tricycle--or as she would say it--"bike-el-trike-el-cycle" :)

Really mom? That's enough pictures!
The funny part is she is most interested in the trunk on the back of the trike. She likes to put all her toy cars in it and push it around.

Then she takes all the cars out and lines them up on her slide, and one by one pushes them down so that they crash - too funny! But hey, she can do this for hours so that is just fine by me!!
She hasn't really got the whole pedaling thing down but I have a feeling she will be off to the races before we know it!!

Watson Park.

This weekend my Mom and I took Elena to Watson Park. The whole reason we went was to let Elena walk down the Yellow Brick Road - but apparently the wooden sculptures kept getting vandalized so they shut it down. :( How sad is that? It was still a really neat park and Elena loved playing on the playground. There were also pony rides and a train ride but it was just too hot to do that after all the playing, maybe next time! So here are some pics of Elena enjoying the park!


Last week I went to a "Sprinkle" for my friend Sabrina, who is expecting her 2nd baby boy in a couple of weeks. It is basically a mini-shower with some close friends to celebrate the new baby and also a few little gifts for the big-brother to be, Lunden. It was a great time and I am not sure if the mommies or the kiddos had more fun!! Here is a pic of the beautiful mommy to be (again!) and me.

How cute is this little watermelon baby stroller? What a great idea!

The soon to be big brother!

The kiddos started out by playing in this great basement full of fun toys! Wyatt and Lunden chose to play with this neat train set,
While Elena and some of the other little girls went straight to the play house! It is so funny to see the difference in boys and girls at such an early age!

Next it was time to open presents. This is what Elena and I gave baby #2, if you know Sabrina - you understand the animal print! :)

What an adorable diaper cake!

After some snacks it was time to play outside!

Emily and Skylyn~
Lilly and Willow~

This was definitely Elena's favorite thing - a mini roller coaster! She loved it! Can't wait to ride real roller coasters with her someday!

Time for a juice box break! So cute to see them all sitting around the table - I swear they were barely crawling just yesterday!!
A group shot of some of the moms - Erin, Tonya, Rachel, Sabrina, Me and Megan.

Congratulations Sabrina - I can't wait to meet Baby Esterline!


Flashback Friday - What a difference...

...a year makes! I was looking back on some pictures of Elena from around this time last year and thought I would share with you how much she has changed.
Pool time~
Sleeping beauty~
From trying to walk... to running!
My beautiful girl~

I find it amazing to compare these pictures! Where did my little baby go??



Water is pretty much what our summer is centered around so far this year...
Lindsay's pup Kya got introduced to the water this weekend for the first time!
She was not so sure about this huge bathtub!

When Linds let go, she shot to the stairs like a torpedo!

She didn't seem to hate it or love it, but she did find her own way to enjoy the pool! Lol!
Elena and my mom also enjoyed the pool this weekend.
I have a feeling this little sprinkler might not make it past this summer - with as much as Elena wants to play with it!


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