Tree Decorating.

The only thing I dislike about traveling over Thanksgiving is that we don't get our tree up until the first week or so of December - I would put that bad boy up the day after Thanksgiving if possible! We finally had time to buy one and get it up and the kiddos had fun decorating it with me.
I bought both kids a new ornament this year - Frozen for Miss Elena ~
And Planes for Mr Dominic - they were both thrilled!!
 Elena is also always excited to hang up her "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. (Just like I am about mine!)
 Daddy was outside hanging our lights on the house while we were doing the tree..
But he of course came in to do the topper with us - it's kind of his ''thing'' each year. :)
 Tried for a family timer shot with my camera and this is the best I could get!
 But these two were pretty agreeable for a picture in front of the tree so I can't complain :)
I love having Christmas decorations up - everything feels so warm and inviting and special when lit up - I wish it wouldn't be weird to have a tree up all year long! ;)


Gingerbread Village.

Now that I have done a gingerbread house with Elena the past couple years she keeps asking when its time to do them! This year I opted for a little mini village set instead of just one big house. This way both kiddos could have fun!
The icing was just not working for me so I broke out the hot glue gun! Ha! :)
Dom really enjoyed putting the candies on!
Well this is about right - both kids eating candy and me doing the work! ;)
They were so happy with themselves!
Ta da!!
I finally had to just stop Dom from eating all the candy and he was not a happy camper! This picture just cracks me up! :)
The village turned out super cute and definitely kept the kids occupied for quite awhile! (Always a plus in my book!)


Its beginning to look alotl like Christmas...

Of course as soon as we got home from our vacation Elena begged to start decorating for Christmas! We always start with our little village and we both love it!
 This little man has decided he loves it too!
 Then we set up the little people nativity set - Dom was in awe! He kept picking up baby Jesus - it was so cute!
Elena has been watching a few too many videos on you tube where kids show off their toys and what they do - she wants to do these videos all the time.
Then we put up our fake trees. We are a real tree family but we have a fake one for our basement - It is silver and white and I adore how it looks!
 I also had a tiny one for my office that we decided to put in Dom's room this year - he was so excited!
 and last year I got a great deal on a little tree and got it for Miss Elena's room - talk about excited!! :)
Yay for Christmas decorations!!


Saying Goodbye.

It was finally the day to head home - we packed and the kids played and we said some more goodbyes.
 The kids begged and begged Daddy to jump on the trampoline with him so he finally did.
Teaching Dom a somersault.
I have never been a fan of trampolines - they scare the crap out of me! The nets around the edge help tremendously but still - scary. I was shocked no one had gotten hurt all week with all the kids that were on the trampoline at once! Of course - with literally 5 minuets until we were leaving Elena hit a bounce a little too high from Daddy and came down and her knee went straight into her teeth causing instant blood! :( :( :( Ugh...I knew having no injuries on the trampoline was too good to be true! It was terrible - her teeth bled for a good 30 minutes and were pushed back and out and her gums bruised. They don't look too bad in this picture below, but oh man - worst thing to have to deal with ever. She was frantic and so upset that there was so much blood in her mouth, and we were trying to calm her down but we were scared too! Terrible way to end a trip!
She finally calmed down and stopped hurting and we headed to one last stop to see Abuelo's grave with some of the family before we left.
It's so sad that our children never got to meet their Grandpa - but I know he is watching down from Heaven and one day they will get to meet him. :)
 We had a pretty uneventful drive and I called the dentist who reassured me Elena would be fine and that those teeth would be coming out soon anyway. Whew - what a relief, but I just hate seeing any injuries to the mouth! We drove to San Antonio where we decided to stop at our favorite restaurant - Papasitos!!  
 Mexican food and a balloon hat cheered this little lady right up!
 Pretty impressive balloon talent I must say!  
 Daddy is such a good sport!
 We devided to drive just a little longer to avoid rush hour traffic the next morning and we came across Buc-ee's. Holy moly! I have never seen a gas station this huge! Look at all those gas pumps!
 and the inside - don't even get me started! We could've stayed in there for hours!
 Elena's mouth was still a little sore so we went with an Icee to make her feel better, and Dominic is always up for one too! ;) 
We got a good night's rest and made it home the following day in pretty good time! We even stopped for a yummy In N Out burger on the way!!
One tired little guy!
and a little lady that did not even so much as close her eyes during the last 9 hours in the car! Crazy!
If only we could have a vacation after our vacation to recover before we have to get back into the ''real world"! But seriously, we had a great time, made some great memories and are looking forward to when we can go back again!


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