Spring Break {2015}

I tried to make Elena's first ever spring break a memorable one. With Daddy out of town for work and no trip or anything exciting planned I decided to have Elena make a ''Spring Break Bucket List" of things she would like to do during the week. I still had to work this week but was able to take a couple days off to really enjoy it with her (and Dominic!) It turned out to be really fun week!
First on the list: Swimming!
 Spring Break Bucket List: Library
We decided to head for preschool story time which my Mom occasionally takes Dominic too -
 I think E ended up enjoying it even more than Dom!
 Both of my kids adore the library - I am going to do my best to make sure this doesn't change!
 They even had a little make your own fortune cookie craft for the bigger kids on this day - perfect!
 Then we took the kids to a yummy burger place we hadn't been to in forever - TJ's burger house. So delicious! Elena could not get over this phone on the wall with the cord attached! Oh my how times have changed!
 Next up on the list: Cinderella! After Dom went down for his nap we knocked out two items on the list this day!
 Spring Break Bucket List: Pedicures! I threw in a Sonic happy hour drink for bonus points! ;)
We are ready for spring with these bright fun colors!  
Spring Break Bucket List: Roller Skating!
I can't believe I hadn't taken her skating yet - #mommyfail!  
It was tough but she slowly got the hang of it!  
This dude on the other hand...was a whole different story! Lets just say I had to call in the reinforcements (my mom) for help! HA!  
 We ate some pizza which contrary to the looks on their faces they loved!
 Then my mom took Dom home for a nap so Elena and I could have some one-on-one skating time. Thanks Mom!
 Not trying to brag - but Elena was impressed with my moves - Mama's still got it! ;)
 That weekend we hit up a delicious donut spot for breakfast - you could tell how good a place is where there is a line going out the door! Good thing this kept the munchkins entertained! 
Delicious! We handled these 6 donuts! Woah!
 Right around the corner from the donut shop is a new trampoline park that we hadn't been to so we decided to give it a shot!
Wristbands on and ready!
 The kids loved it! I was so glad there was a smaller area for little ones!
Luckily we got there early enough it wasn't too crowded in the big kid area either!
Later that day we decided to let Dom have a choice of something he would like to do since Elena had been picking all week (not that he wasn't having a blast too though)! So of course, he picked Stearman! What can I say, the boy loves his planes!
Finally it was time for the last item on the bucket list - Orange Leaf! We pulled into the parking lot at the one closest to our house and to our horror --- there was a for sale sign up! What?!?! Elena was crushed. :( But we settled for Braums instead and all was right again. :) 
 It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful week - and lots of fun memories made with my kiddos!!
I'm looking forward to spring break 2016! (and I know the kids are too!) ;)



Down at the park near our house there is a field with some horses in it. One day when we were there they came right over to the fence! The kids were so excited!
 Some other people were feeding them grass so Elena got brave enough to try it and they ate right out of her hand!! So cool!
 The following week we were having a typical Sunday Funday...hanging out, coloring, legos... 
 When we saw the neighbors outside hanging out so we decided to go over and play. Little Baby Cash is so darn cute! And Dominic absolutely adores him!
 Then we had the great idea to go down to the park! And wouldn't you know it - the horses were right there by the fence again!! The kids were ecstatic this time!
 They all took turns feeding them! It was great!
 Such gentle and calm animals - even with these crazy kids jumping around.
 We rode our bikes down to the park and then decided to head down to our local Mexican restaurant for dinner. Like I said...Sunday Funday ;) Ella decided to hop in and ride with Dom in the bike trailer.
 What a great ending to the weekend!
We had a blast and have decided we need to do this more often!!


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