Guess who has taken his 1st steps? This big guy. Watch out! It is just a matter of time...


Fun in Topeka!

During June Robert had a 2 week job in Topeka, so we of course used it as a perfect opportunity to see him and visit my best friend Lindsay! She was gracious enough to take my crazies and I in for the weekend! :) Auntie Linds has the coolest toys!
The first night we went to a yummy Italian restaurant.
 Then we let the kids explore a nearby park.
 Bedtime stories before night-night. :)
 The next morning we decided to get up and head for a jog. We had two kiddos and two dogs with us and it was quite an adventure! (Linds was dog-sitting this same weekend - talk about a house full! Ha!)
 Then we headed to an Art Lab at a local art museum. It was awesome! I highly recommend it if you are ever in Topeka! There is so much to do for all ages and its absolutely FREE!
 The was even stuff for Dominic to do! Awesome!
Literally, something for EVERY age! ;)
Elena made sure to sign the guestbook and put her comments on the place - FUN! :)
After the Art Lab we loaded up and headed to the park for a train ride and some more fun! (Did I mention this was a marathon activity day?!)
 The train took us by the Carousel in the Park and a beautiful rose garden. So we decided to check those places out!
 But first the kids got to blow the train whistle!
 The rose garden was absolutely beautiful! I have never seen so many roses!
Then we hit up the carousel!
 Which just happened to have some funny Wizard of Oz cut outs!
This was Dom's first time on a carousel - he was holding on pretty tight!
 After a little shopping and dinner these kiddos were wore out!
We got up and hit a cute little breakfast diner. stopped by to check on Daddy at the job site and  then headed out of town. Thank you so much for the fun filled weekend Auntie Linds - you are the best!!


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