Riverfest Fun.

We had lots of fun at Riverfest this year! First we started out with opening fireworks. We kept the kids up late and my Mom and I headed to our usual spot and got set up.  
and then we waited...and waited...and waited. Boo. It was kind of windy so then we started wondering if they had cancelled them. After about 30 minutes of waiting we decided to give up and head back to drop my Mom off. Literally as we pulled in the drive the fireworks started going off! Are you kidding me?? So I decided to head back down to our spot with the kids. Dominic of course was out - I mean we are not even close to his bedtime by this point...
 But this reaction was worth going back and battling the crowds. She was so happy and excited! She loves fireworks.
 Later in the week we headed down to a kids rodeo. Elena had a blast and it was the perfect time to break out those pink perfect size garage sale boots we found last week! :) There was a water gun shoot-out ~ 
 Bow and arrow practice ~
 Tractor races - poor Dom mainly had to watch big sis have all the fun, but he loved watching the tractors race! :)
Bull riding ~ 
and lassoing ~
There were also plenty of bouncy houses to enjoy as well!

 This night just happened to be ice cream social night - the kids helped themselves to a nice big bowl!
The last thing we did was meet up with Aunt Marie for Cajun Food Fest later that week!
As we were walking around we just happened to come across Touch-A-Truck, where the kids get to climb into and check out all the big semi's and other trucks. It was so cool.
Elena was pumped about this, but Dominic was in heaven - amazing how excited he got when he got to see the trucks and climb into them!!
This tire was HUGE! Had to take a picture in it.
We ended this night with another cold treat - sno-cone!
It was really fun enjoying Riverfest with the kids this year and I am looking forward to next year already!!

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