9 months!!

I just can't believe that my little guy is 9 months old already!! Where is the time going??
He has been up to a lot this past month -
He is still the master crawler and when he sees something that he wants he puts his little head down and barrels right over to it very quickly. He is my little tank!
He is getting pretty fearless! He has figured out how to climb on things and I have had to pull him off the dishwasher numerous times. He has also got the hang of stairs. He event went almost all the way from our basement to upstairs! Too soon for my liking!!
He loves to clap and always starts clapping when we sing or he hears music.
He can now wave hello and goodbye! It is so adorable!! He kind of sounds like he is even trying to say bye (Bah-Bah-Bah)  to but I think it is just noise. :)
He really enjoys swinging outside.
He also loves to play with the sand. He is almost to the point where he won't try to eat it anymore too.  Yay! :)
He has really tapered back on formula. This is a little surprising but I guess it is because he is eating so much ''real'' food. If we are eating it - he wants it.
Some new favorite foods this month are - spaghetti, any kind of bread, graham crackers and veggie straws. He could eat veggie straws all day everyday if we let him!
He is a good sleeper - 2 naps a day (occasionally three) and then sleeps from about 8:30pm to 7:00am. He has definitely hit a stage where he fights initially being put down to sleep, but once hes out we are golden. He will stay up as late as we let him, just playing away. We definitely have to put him to bed or he would be up all night!
He loves to be around people - if we are at a restaurant or even the grocery store he yells and talks and smiles at everyone that goes by.
 He loves to chase after balls and balloons. He will go at it and hit the ball which pushes it in front of him and then he will keep going and going all the way down the hall hitting and chasing it.
He has become quite the pro at pulling up on things. He has even started cruising up and down the couch!
 With all this standing and pulling up on things he has found out that he can reach the buttons on TVs and other things. He thinks he is big stuff now!
He definitely has an ornery side to him. He knows when he sees something he is not supposed to touch (outlets for example) and he will go right up to it - wait until you make eye contact with him and then slowly reach for it with a big grin! What a stinker!
One time Robert walked into the room he was in and yelled "Hey, what are you doing?" and he literally jumped, put his head down and took off crawling the other way. We laughed for so long! It was like he knew exactly what he was doing and was trying to leave the scene of the crime as fast as he could!
He adores his big sister. Even though she is not always the ''gentelest" with him he loves to watch her and be wherever she is and do whatever she is doing.
He is still a big sturdy baby - people are always surprised by his age! I will find out his stats at the Dr next week and I am very interested to see what percentile he is in!
His hair is getting pretty shaggy and almost in his eyes - I think it is time for his first trim! :(

Happy 9 months little man!


Fairy Festival.

We went to Botanica's Fairy Festival last year and had a blast so we decided to go again last weekend. This year we let Elena dress up as a fairy this year to make it even more fun!  
 There was a tulip scavenger hunt that Elena and my Mom enjoyed!
As we were exploring we saw that they were setting up for a wedding. Almost in the exact same spot that Robert and I got married! (and our anniversary just happens to be right around the corner! :)
Elena loves flowers so much! I'm so glad that we have a Botanica membership so that we can go throughout the year! As always, she had a great time in the children's garden.
The little fairy houses are her favorite! I found out they had a fairy house building competition too - we may just have to participate next year! 
Princess party last weekend, Fairy festival this weekend - talk about 4 year old girl heaven! So glad we got to take her to these fun events and enjoy some girl time together!


Mid-week randomness --

I thought I would catch up on some of the random pictures I take with my phone that don't really need their own post. So here is some randomness from the past couple of weeks! :)
Dominic got to enjoy his first time driving the car at Home Depot!
 He loved it - and he loved sitting by big sis! So sweet.
 Bath time silliness. 

Morning crib parties -
and crawling races -  
The start of a remodel project...more on that later!
Daddy's little helper.
A night out with the girls to celebrate Emily's upcoming wedding!
 She always wants to wear my heels :)
Big Boy Carseat!
Two packages from two of my favorite places arrived on the same day! Happy day!
I love rocking him to sleep.
 Playing outside when the weather is nice.
Freak ice storm that gave both kids cabin fever. The cure? Hot chocolate and a fire of course!
Crazy bath hair! (I would have killed for Elena to have this much hair!)
 Speaking of baths, this is how I get ready for work in the morning! ;)
Impromptu date night.
Lunch that ended up with a pool lesson.
A new found love - graham crackers!
and finally, a jam session. Maybe we should start a band? :)
I guess I take more pictures on my phone than I thought! Glad to get them on here so I can look back on this randomness that is our life someday! :)


Go Shockers!

Our hometown team the Wichita State Shockers made it too the Final Four in the NCAA tourney this year! We have been cheering and watching all along but decided to get together with some friends to watch them take on #1 ranked Louisville last weekend. It was a gorgeous day so we decided to watch outside! 
This made it so much easier to watch the game because the kiddos love to be outside and were able to keep themselves entertained! :)
There is something so fun about watching TV and eating outside!
The Shox had a heck of a game but ended up losing by 4 points. It was a heart-breaker, but what an amazing season and I'm sure it will be followed up by many more! 
We decided to have a fire and roast marshmallows and hang out into the evening. Good times!  


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