A Stearman Halloween.

When we found out that Stearman was hosting a Halloween party this year we just had to go. They do a pumpkin drop contest for the pilots and a costume contests for kids and adults and even a live band! I had seen the idea of making a plane out of cardboard a while back and had been wanting to try and make one for Dom so this was a perfect excuse to make one!  I got all the supplies ready -  
I decided it would be fun to paint the plane like a real Stearman so the big box was painted blue,
and the wings and tail yellow!
 The cardboard on the wings really sucked the paint in so I would recommend priming it first so you don't have to make a run for more spraypaint! Ha 
 I used a paper towel roll and a long piece of cardboard to make the propeller, then we wrapped it in black duct tape to make it stronger.
 I printed out the Stearman star logos and just used clear tape to put them on the wing.
 Then came lots of glue and duct tape! My husband is the master - good thing he was here to help put it together or it probably wouldn't have gotten done!
 I printed out a red and white striped piece of paper for the tail - then just cut it with a utility knife for the shape.
 Dom woke up from his nap at this point and just had to help!
We poked holes in the front and back and threaded through a string so he could carry around the plane. I also printed out and taped a number on the side for a final touch (same number as the one at Stearman!) Here are the original instructions I found for this great DIY idea!  
It turned out great!! Check it out!
 There were so many people when we arrived - it was nuts!! But you don't get to see people throwing pumpkins out of planes everyday, right?
 It was so hot this day so a perfect time for Elena to wear a fun hula girl costume!
 From the moment we got there everybody loved the costume!
 He was begging to go on the runway so we let him - I missed the big Stearman by just a couple of minutes and didn't get a picture with them together. :(
We sat on the runway and watched planes for a little bit.
Then we had some dinner and relazed and it was finally time for the costume contest!  
  And our little plane won!!! Woo hoo! That $20 pretty much paid for the costume! :)
 It was a gorgeous night and so much fun!
Then it was time for the band and they were awesome!
 We danced with the kids a little and then called it a night! :)  
 These two were worn out from all the festivities!

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