Travel Party {Elena is 5!}

For Elena's big 5th birthday she was initially leaning towards wanting a mermaid party or a Barbie party, but then I started to try to make her think outside the box and think about some other things that she really likes. Eventually the idea of traveling the world came up and she was sold! I can't tell you how many times I have found her on the iPad, not playing games, but cruising around on Google maps checking out where everything is! She also adores the kids atlas that we bought her and will literally read it for hours! I think this interest is great and was really excited that she was willing to pass on Barbie! (at least this time!) I did most of the decorations on my own for her party, including making a banner out of old maps - loved how it came out!!  I borrowed a couple globes from a friend and found another at Hobby Lobby and we were off planning our world travel adventure!
 We planned a visit to several countries during the party and had a snack and craft for each one! First stop for guests was to get their passport!  
We set up several tables outside and each had its own country. I found these adorable flag banners on Oriental Trading that were perfect! (That is also where the passports came from)
 First we had Australia - which had decorating boomerangs (made from cardboard) for the activity and fairy bread for the snack. It really is a snack that Australians eat at parties!  
The fairy bread is just bread, butter and sprinkles!  
For USA we had stars and strips necklaces with straws and foam stars that were put on a string to make a necklace. So cute!  
 The treat was patriotic skewers: strawberries, grapes and marshmallows!
France was fancy with Macarons (which I found were very pricey at a local bakery - the only one in town that has them!) 
The kids seemed to like them!
and the craft was create your own Eiffel tower out of pipe cleaners!
 I think the adults might have had more fun on this one!
Japan had candy sushi (rice krispie treat, fruit roll up and gummy worms)
 and create your own paper fan!
I managed to leave out pictures from Mexico where we had queso and make your own maracas with beans and paper plates - super simple and the kids loved this one!  The kids really did have fun at all the countries. We also gave a sticker out at each country for their passport!
Then it was time for the cake! I actually made this one this year. That is two years in a row for anyone keeping track! Lol. I used a super cute chalkboard printable for the bunting and found this little foam globe that I attached with a skewer. It was simple and perfect and most importantly Elena loved it!
 It was windy so Daddy had to block the wind from blowing out the candles while we were singing!
Next it was present time!  She was pretty funny as always - glad I got some of this on tape!
Out of all the presents, Dominic was a fan of the sleeping bag! ;)
 After the party was over some friends stayed and played games - yay Candyland!
 and played dress up!
 Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet baby girl!!

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