Under the Sea - Elena is Three!

Join us for a celebration Under the Sea, our mermaid Elena is turning THREE!  Elena has been in love with the Little Mermaid for quite a while now so she was very excited about having a mermaid party!!
 Here is my attempt at a fun food table - if only I had better lighting and a better camera this picture would have turned out way better! 
 I had just a little fun figuring out sea themed food! :)
And Elena just LOVED her Ariel cake!! 
It was a gorgeous day and we tried to make the backyard feel like the sea with blue balloons, streamers, and bubbles everywhere!

 We went with a pirate and mermaid party because a lot of Elena's little friends are boys! 
Some of the activities we had the kiddos do were: decorate your own treasure chest (with stickers and jewels and all kinds of fun stuff!) This was so fun!
Dig for buried treasure! (I hid seashells, pirate coins and jems in a sandbox and the kids went to town!) I had no idea this would be such a huge hit with the kids, they loved it. Elena is still digging up treasure two weeks later! 
 My Pinterest chalkboard was a big hit too! 
 Our neighbors were kind enough to let us use their bubble machine which was a perfect touch! 
And what is a party without a pinata?? 
 Then it was cake time! Elena just loves being the center of attention and was eating up everyone singing to her! 
 It was pretty cute so I thought I would share the video! 
Happy cake face!
Then it was time for presents! 
These kiddos patiently sat and watched her open nearly all her presents! I was pretty impressed! 
 One funny thing Elena was doing while opening presents (wish I had the video going for it - darn!) was after we would read a card she would make sure to find that person and point to them and then thank them over and over after she opened her present. Too adorable! 
After presents everyone hung out and played and played! 
It was a great day, or as Elena put it "Best Birthday Ever!!" :)

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