Peter Piper Pizza.

One night we went to Peter Piper Pizza, which is basically like Chuck E Cheese - pizza, games, and tons of fun for Miss Elena! :) It was nice to have her cousin Julyssa there to take her around to all the rides.

Time for a pizza break!

And ice cream!

Back to playing games, a little skee ball with pops~

Gotta hoop it up~

Rachel even got in on the action, she only scored one basket though!

Anybody remember this game from the Bozo show back in the day?? Throwing ping pong balls in the buckets to win prizes. I used to wish I could be on that show just to play this game! :)

Robert is obsessed with trying to win the ticket machine games anytime we go to a place like this and this time he hit the jackpot!

Elena was just a little bit excited with all the tickets coming out of the machine!

Then we let her have a try - she won 10 tickets, not bad!

The prizes Elena collected from all the tickets won this evening!

Fun times! We love going to places like this - we always have a blast running around and acting like kids!

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