Padre Day II.

Day two rolled around and it was raining, in fact there were storms off and on the entire night before. (come to find out it was the beginning stages of a tropical depression that pushed through right after we left!) It cleared off and Robert and I decided to go for a run on the beach - it was so awesome!! I could run all day with a view like that! On the way back we hit a huge downpour of rain - the rain was so warm, it was actually kind of fun! We got back and Elena had been having fun with Tio Pete too apparently (I found this picture of them later in the day on my camera- lol!)
We had planned on going to Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark all week, Elena was so excited and kept asking for the waterpark. So even though it was still raining off and on we decided to go for it! Here we are at the entrance~

Elena was not wanting to take pictures - she was ready to play in the water! Lol!
Playing in the puddles~

Elena did great! She loved the kiddie area but also liked the big slides! They had these special tunes with a base in the bottom so kids won't fall through and she rode all the rides with us! She would grab on to Robert during the drops or turns and as soon as they were over she would yell, again! Pretty sure Elena was not even close to the height required to ride the rides, oh well! ;)
I was so bummed that I didn't get more pictures at the park but it was just raining was too much!

After a long nap for Elena it was time to grill out and play at the beach! The weather cleared off for us (at least for a little bit!).

Running to the beach with some of her cousins~

They buried little Jonathon - he didn't seem to mind!

Rain, rain go away - come again another day! Elena was singing this all weekend!!

We ate and hung out while it rained - thank goodness we had a covered porch area to hang out in! After the sun went down and the rain stopped we headed out to the beach to hunt for crabs. This was way too much fun! I had a blast and will be making Robert do this with me anytime we go back!

These little suckers were fast!!

Elena would go "nip, nip, nip" and pinch her fingers together when we asked her what a crab sounded like - hilarious!! I have no idea where she got that! Dora maybe?

Part of the crab hunting crew - yup, I had a light on my hat - lol!

Our 5 catches for the night!

After that we took a walk down the beach in the dark with Elena. :)

Then next morning we walked out to find this~
Are you kidding me crab? We spent hours last night trying to find you and you are here just hanging out this morning??

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